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General Bullshit / Re: Manchester Arena incident
« Last post by Paul Calf on Today at 10:18:22 am »
As well as following the link below that shows both countries were involved in Libyan intervention, and that Belgium is a NATO country, you are attempting to disprove a well-evidenced hypothesis based on some exceptions that might not fit the rule. This is a bit like saying 'The allegation is that Jimmy Savile molested a load of kids and messed with cadavers? But I know he once had consensual sex with a 25 year old woman, so explain that!'

It suits him st present to ascribe the purest of motives to murderous suicide bombers. They're purist, assassinating and mass-murdering for the highest of ideological reasons. Their anger stems from the unique power of the words in their special magic book, ignoring the fact that all the sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions are video-nasty violent.

The only alternatives for him are either to admit that the liberal intervention experiment has been a disastrous failure or to resort to a kind of racism that suggests Muslims themselves are more prone to violence than followers of all the other ones.
General Bullshit / Re: Just 17: The Final Corbyn Thread?
« Last post by ZoyzaSorris on Today at 10:17:59 am »
Doesn't matter whether Corbyn is right or wrong, there is no worse time to be suggesting that we are responsible in any way for the Manchester bomb

Well, maybe the morning after would've been worse, at least he's waited a few days I suppose

A large percentage of the population would love to see RAF bombs dropping on the Middle East this weekend

Remember how Cherie Blair's comments on suicide bombers went down like a bucket of cold sick when Labour were in power?

was this one our fault as well?

Noone is suggesting 'we' are responsible for the Manchester Bomb you utter cretin. Have you actually read any of the points above?
Sensible people, including Corbyn, are saying the obvious truth that the Tory government's policy of supporting jihadis abroad (and kissing the feet of the jihadis' masters in Riyadh) has not made us safer at home. This is important, as this obvious point is not being made by the media and political establishment, for obvious reasons.
General Bullshit / Re: Rather ironic deaths
« Last post by Chairman Bodog on Today at 10:16:45 am »
I remember hearing about a millionaire Segway tycoon fatally plummeting off of a cliff face whilst demonstrating the safety innovations of the new model.
I've just googled to see if anyone had made Gary hold up some porn, but found this instead:
She looked at the screen which showed a man and a transsexual engaging in a sex act while Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ was played. It also showed a rotating ‘helicopter’ penis.

That'll be Meatspin, could have been worse I suppose (Tubgirl, 2G1C, Rick Astley)
General Bullshit / Re: Manchester Arena incident
« Last post by BlodwynPig on Today at 10:15:32 am »
It's like the 1980s Tory hard-rightThe Day Today all over again.
Oscillations / Re: the worst of the Beatles
« Last post by SteveDave on Today at 10:14:55 am »
Blue Jay Way

I Will

Within You Without You

Get out.
General Bullshit / Re: Manchester Arena incident
« Last post by BlodwynPig on Today at 10:13:56 am »
I used to dread minute's silences when I worked in a public library, as inevitably someone would walk in being loud while we were all stood there and there was always a cringe inducing moment when they realised and turned scarlet and half the time scuttled back out of the door never to return. I can't remember if it was someone on here or my Mum that told me about when they were working in a Supermarket and a silence was happening, and some woman was barking some inanities into her mobile, and when they told her what was going on she told them to F off and carried on. Probably the same kind of person that slows down in front of ambulances.

Nah, minutes silences can fuck off. I'd prefer a day's silence. Or eternal silence.
General Bullshit / Re: President Trump #4 - The First 100 Days
« Last post by Camp Tramp on Today at 10:13:16 am »
I had a bizarre Trump related dream last night.

I had just finished the latest Tom Clancy thriller (Which he no doubt dictated via automatic writer) and was scanning through his afterword.

He was incredibly happy that Donald Trump was now able to interact with international leaders and had the chance to use his charisma and wisdom on the World stage.

In Clancy's world, Trump is Jack Ryan.
General Bullshit / Re: Liking people you're ideologically opposed to
« Last post by Brundle-Fly on Today at 10:12:57 am »
I've a left-leaning American journalist friend who often appears on symposiums open to the general public. He once had to appear on a panel with Charlton Heston just after the Fahrenheit 9/11 doc had just come out on general release. The journo was slightly dreading meeting him but Heston was charm personified, good humoured with everybody and spoke eloquently during the discussion. When my friend let slip he was a massive Planet Of The Apes fan earlier in the day, Heston a fortnight later Federal Expressed him a signed and framed Planet Of The Apes poster, thanking him for being an admirable dueling partner.

Michael Moore came to the next presentation and was allegedly an unfriendly, surly prima donna that bulldozed through the whole discussion, playing to the gallery and was a real let down for my mate. He remarked that he felt like buying an assault rifle that very evening out of sheer disappointed spite.

Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty new page! .

General Bullshit / Re: Manchester Arena incident
« Last post by BlodwynPig on Today at 10:12:35 am »
Can I have extra for snogging Nik Turner?

You what!? fucking hell, tell me the story (in PM). I've met him a few times but he never kissed me.
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