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MacFarlane's a Trekkie, so I'd hope he does this justice (like Galaxy Quest), but you had that whole ex-girlfriend (or whatever) thing, that just seems boring. Plus, as mentioned, he's not the greatest actor.

We'll see.
General Bullshit / Re: Accents you've no clue about
« Last post by Morrison Lard on Today at 10:09:45 am »
my only reference point for the entire East Midlands is Saxondale, for example.
Speaking as an East Midland(ite?) that accent he did was a right fucking mess,
and Coogan is usually spot on with that sort of thing.
I've just googled to see if anyone had made Gary hold up some porn, but found this instead:

A mother has contacted police after her three sons witnessed hardcore gay pornography being played on a restaurant computer screen.

She looked at the screen which showed a man and a transsexual engaging in a sex act while Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ was played. It also showed a rotating ‘helicopter’ penis.

Oscillations / the worst of the Beatles
« Last post by the science eel on Today at 10:07:17 am »
A Taste of Honey
I Need You
Octopus' Garden
Till There Was You
Blue Jay Way
Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Yellow Submarine
You Like Me Too Much
What Goes On
Hold Me Tight
I Will
I Me Mine
Act Naturally
Within You Without You
Oscillations / Re: Liam Gallagher
« Last post by greenman on Today at 10:05:11 am »
I now assume all threads about musicians is announcing their death.  So I'm quite relieved.  He should give up music and become a comedian or a lifecoach I reckon.  That'd be great.

Him and Noel as the new Two Johns on a Bremner return?
General Bullshit / Re: Accents you've no clue about
« Last post by NoSleep on Today at 10:02:49 am »
From a Hollywood toilet seat?
General Bullshit / Re: BBC Phone Cunt
« Last post by BlodwynPig on Today at 10:01:46 am »
Cellan-Jones, a man so unsuited to his job that he has gone full circle and is EXACTLY suited to his job.
General Bullshit / Re: Accents you've no clue about
« Last post by touchingcloth on Today at 10:00:48 am »
Jason Statham. I looked him up on wikipedia the other day and found that he was born in Derbyshire and raised in Norfolk, so I've no clue where picked up a cockney accent from.
Oscillations / Re: Liam Gallagher
« Last post by the science eel on Today at 09:59:11 am »
Oh, I really liked that Beady Eye single with the jittery piano and the groovy backing vocals. That was great. Might have been their debut, actually.

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