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the war zone
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:51:42 AM »
Did anyone else watch this the other night? God that was disturbing.One thing i wasn't sure on, was the father molesting the baby toward the end? it looked like there was blood in it's nappy.

Anyone got anything to say about it? I don't think i've seen anything that hit me so much since Irreversible.

the war zone
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I've wanted the soundtrack to this film for years. Can't get it anywhere, alas. The piano music is fantastic.

The book is really good, it is even more fucked up than the film.

I did get the impression he was meant to be abusing the baby in the film, this wasn't in the book.

the war zone
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I'll have to get the book then.Can't imagine it being any more disturbing than the movie, don't know if i could handle that biut i'll take your word for it.

I think there was something wrong with the baby as a product of sexual abuse and that's why the mother didn't seem to need much convincing from her son

the war zone
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The baby was sick in the book as well but there was no suggestion it was due to the Dad. The book is rather more disturbing, a lot more sickening stuff happens. No baby rape, mind. It is actually a great book if you can handle the grimness. I had a lot less sympathy for the sister in the book than in the film.

the war zone
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I saw this years ago and thought it was an incredible film, didn't get much coverage probably due to the fact it is quite horrific.

Dirty Boy

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the war zone
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Great film, seen it a couple of times now.That scene where the kids confront the father in the bedroom is incredible, the young girl in particular is great in this and has a rather lovely set as well, wish she was my sister... I don't remember seeing her in anything else.

I  just need a version with subtitles really, did they have to spend the entire film going between whispering most of the dialogue and peircing baby screams?

Is Nil By Mouth any good?

the war zone
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Quote from: "Dirty Boy"

Is Nil By Mouth any good?

It is quite good. Kathy Burke is great in it.

the war zone
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It is quite good.

QUITE GOOD!!!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!! Ray winstone is just awesome and gary oldman is fantastic, watch that film.