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The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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Quote from: "benthalo"
When was the Powder Room – Feb/March?

March 2nd - April 6th.

Didn't make it through the first episode though.

The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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Right, here's what I've come up with so far for film:

September 2005
The Honeymooners
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
The Longest Yard
The Aristocrats
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

October 2005
Kinky Boots
The Wallace & Gromit Movie: The Curse Of The Were Rabbit
Corpse Bride
Broken Flowers

November 2005
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
The Brothers Grimm
Mrs Henderson Presents
In Her Shoes

December 2005
Keeping Mum
The Family Stone
The Producers
Cheaper By The Dozen 2
Just Like Heaven

January 2006
The Truth
Breakfast On Pluto
A Cock And Bull Story
Fun With Dick And Jane
Rumour Has It...
Just Friends

February 2006
The Ice Harvest
Big Momma's House 2
Date Movie
Last Holiday

March 2006
Evil Aliens
The Matador
The Pink Panther
The Big White
Failure To Launch
Yours, Mine And Ours
The Shaggy Dog
Babam Ve Oglum
The Ballad Of Jack And Rose
The Big White

April 2006
Alien Autopsy
Scary Movie 4
She's The Man
American Dreamz
The Moguls

May 2006
The Magician

June 2006

Things To Do Before You're 30
The Benchwarmers
Thank You For Smoking
Imagine Me & You
Pretty Persuasion
Over The Hedge
Dave Chappelle's Block Party

July 2006
The Break-Up
Garfield 2
Golmaal - Fun Unlimited
Just My Luck

August 2006
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Nacho Libre
The Ant Bully
You, Me & Dupree
John Tucker Must Die
C.S.A.The Confederate States of America

September 2006
Little Man
Little Miss Sunshine
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Nina's Heavenly Delights
Driving Lessons
Dirty Sanchez: The Movie


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The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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Excellent work! I've seen two of those (The Aristocrats, Jarhead), which gives you some indication of how ill informed I am about film. I only buy Sight & Sound for the credit lists...

The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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No problem!

Hopefully, there shouldn't be any major gaps in the list, although there might be the odd limited release/indie flick that I missed.

I'm a bit pushed for time at the mo, but as no one has offered their services, I'll have a go at a general events list as well.

The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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Three more films for September:

Clerks II
Trust The Man

Here's the event list I've come up with so far, sure there's lots more that should go in...

October 2005
Thousands of plasticine models perish in a fire that destroys the Aardman Animations warehouse; fire investigators later declare that a faulty CCTV system or water heater was the cause and certainly not an embittered ex-employee with a grudge.

Rickt Gervais records a advert for the Prostrate Cancer Charity; the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre is later criticized for censoring it.

November 2005
Armando Iannucci, has been named as the latest News International Visiting Professor of Broadcast Media at Oxford University for the '05 - '06 academic year and presented a short series of lectures at the beginning of 2006

Stephen Fry is presented with an honourary doctorate from Cambidge University.

Ricky Gervais announces he's to do a weekly podcast show via The Guardian wesbite. Comedy Awards for the North West:
Johnny Vegas was presented with The Les Dawson Award for Services to Comedy
The other winners were:
Best Breakthrough in Comedy - Keith Carter
Best Stand Up on the North West Circuit  - Alan Carr
Best Touring Comedy Production/Show - Rob Brydon
Best Comedic Performance on Film and TV  - Early Doors (entire cast)
Best Comedic Writing  - Craig Cash & Phil Mealey (Early Doors)
Best Comedy Club - XS Malarkey
Best Comedy Content in a Radio Show  -Lee Mack (The Lee Mack Show)
Best Comedic Performance in Soap - Alex Carter, who plays Lee Hunter in Hollyoaks.

December 2006
Richard Pryor dies at the age of 65.

January  2006
Rowan Atkinson continues to lead the battle against the Government Racial And Religious Hatred Bill.

February 2006
Linda Smith dies at the age of 48.

Leicester Comedy Festival is launched

March 2006
Hatrick announces it's to make old comedy clips available as mobile phone content.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams announce  they are to extend the range of Little Britain merchandise..

April 2006
Stephen Colbert's roasting of Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents' dinner.

Neil Morrissey announces he's to host a series of comedy shows and appear in sketches made exclusively for mobile phones.

South Park is the shock winner of the  65th Annual George Foster Peabody Awards for its 'achievement and meritorious service' and 'outstanding achievement in broadcasting and cable'.

A film version of The Simpsons is announced.

In The Thick Of It gets the Best Comedy/Entertainment Show Award  and Writers Awards at the Broadcasting Press Guild. Other awards include Ed Reardon's Week winning best Radio Programme of the Year, Jonathan Ross picking up Radio Broadcaster of the Year and Gillian Anderson winning Best Actress for Bleak House.

May 2006
Best Entertainment Performance: Jonathan Ross for Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Also nominated was Jack Dee for his Live at the Apollo shows.
Best Comedy Performance: Chris Langham for The Thick Of It. Also nominated Peter Capaldi, Extras' Ashley Jensen and Catherine Tate.
Best Situation Comedy: The Thick Of It snapped up their second award. Also nominated were Extras, Peep Show and The Worst Week Of My Life.
Best Comedy Programme or Series: Chris Langham and Paul Whitehouse for Help. They beat The Catherine Tate Show, Creature Comforts and Little Britain.

Intandem Films announce Carry On London will be shot during the summer.

Skinner and Baddiel jump on the podcast bandwagon for the World Cup.

Chris Langham is arrested on pornography charges.

Will & Grace ends after 8 years.

The Rose d'Or TV prizes were awarded over the weekend, and Extras won both Best Sitcom and Best Sitcom Actress for Ashley Jensen. Gervais also picked up an honorary award for his contribution to entertainment.

Other winners include Stephen Fry, winner of Best Game Show Host for QI; Jo Joyne for Best Female Comedy Performance in Swinging, whilst Look Around You and the Friday Night Project won Best Comedy and Best Variety respectivvely.

June 2006
Peter Lord and David Sproxton, for services to animation are awarded CBEs

Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire credits Spike Milliga for creating the World's funniest joke

It's announced that Flannimals is being adapted for TV.

Futurama is re-commisioned.

The Mirror reports  on a crack binge by Craig Charles.

It's over for They Think It's Over as the show is axed.

Emu is to return to the small screen in a new sit-com.

Perrier announces it's to stop sponsoring the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after 25 years.

July 2006
Matt Lucas and David Walliams have secured themselves a three-year contract with the BBC.

Legendary American comedian and actor, Red Buttons, dies at the age of 87
Billy Connoly receives an honorary degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

Jim Davidson is decalred bankrupt.

David Walliams swims the Channel for charidee

Jerry Lewis suffers yet another heart attack.

Baby Cow signs deal that will see it producing comedy in America.

Chris Langham wins the best comedy actor award at the Monte Carlo TV awards for his role in The Thick Of It.

Paul O'Grady is hospitalized after a heart attack.

BBC Comedy and BBC Films announce they are work together, possibly bringing often-neglected stars, such as Ricky Gervais, to the big screen.

Gervais claims that his Guardian podcasts reached 541,329 weekly downloads by the end of its run - a new record.

August 2006
58th Emmy Awards - nominees include George Carlin, Scrubs, South Park, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Family Guy, Everybody Hates Chris
How I Met Your Mother, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Arrested Development
The Colbert Report, Extras, MADtv, Malcolm In The Middle,Two And A Half Men, Six Feet Under, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Late Show With David Letterman, My Name Is Earl, The Office,Curb Your Enthusiasm, Will & Grace and Enourage

Winners include:
Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series  - Megan Mullally  (Will & Grace)
Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart   
Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series - Jeremy Piven (Entourage)
Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series - Marc Buckland (My Name Is Earl – Pilot)
Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series – Greg Garcia (My Name Is Earl – Pilot)
Outstanding Writing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Program – Various (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart)
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series - Tony Shalhoub (Monk)
Outstanding Comedy Series - The Office (US)

September 2006
Ricky Gervais announces that he is to stop podcasting.

The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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October 2006
Ricky Gervais announces he is going to start podcasting.

Anyway, is the ballot open soon? I've got some spleen to vent...

The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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Quote from: "The Duck Man"
October 2006
Ricky Gervais announces he is going to start podcasting.

Anyway, is the ballot open soon? I've got some spleen to vent...

Indeed, when's it all starting this year?


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The Tumbleweed Awards 2005 - Results
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Shouldn't this be starting soon...?


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Best thread evaaar when the rest of the board's being rearranged y'know.