Author Topic: [muso] Stage Pianos?  (Read 338 times)

[muso] Stage Pianos?
« on: March 10, 2004, 12:38:56 AM »
My old band kicked me out a while back. Now they've invited me back. I've accepted because they write good songs.

However, my problem now returns - the same problem as before...

I'm a keyboardist in this particular band, and I want to use a piano on stage for the gigs. I prefer using pianos to keyboards as it has the right sound and "feel" to it. No keyboard I have ever played has stood up to a keyboard - even these new Clavinova series by Yamaha. I don't want to not bring a piano onto stage with me - however I can't because that'd be just silly.

Therefore I need to look at altenatives.

What are they?

I've read in a couple of places I need to get a Stage Piano - and the one I've got my eyes on is the Kawai MP9500. Has anyone got one of these, or played them? Would they reccomend them? Which keyboards have you played with in the past that sound and feel EXACTLY like a normal piano? And does anyone know where I can get the Kawai 9500 from? I want to go to a shop, obviously - I want to try before I buy, etc...

Can anyone help me?

If this post seems very vague, that's because it's half twelve, i've been up since 5AM and I'm tired.