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Squarepusher doing posh gig this month
« on: March 11, 2004, 02:01:11 PM »
From here:

London Sinfonietta
Date: Friday 26 March 2004
Time(s): 8pm
Tickets: £15, £10
Artist(s): Squarepusher, Jamie Lidell, play Antheil, Aphex Twin, Cage, Lidell, Reich, Squarepusher, Varèse
Venue: Concert Hall, Brighton Dome  
Tickets 'a brilliantly conceived concert ' New York Times
'the beginnings of a quiet musical revolution' The Telegraph

Twentieth century masters meet the stars of electronica in an unmissable cross-cultural event.

Featuring the music of George Antheil, Aphex Twin, John Cage, Jamie Lidell, Steve Reich, Squarepusher and Edgard Varèse, played live by London Sinfonietta. Including live sets by Squarepusher and Jamie Lidell plus a rare performance of George Antheil 's 1924 modernist classic Ballet Mécanique set to French Dadaist painter Fernand Léger 's classic film.

Specially selected videos and visuals from Warp Records, film director Chris Cunningham wrap up an extraordinary multi-media/music extravaganza.
A CMN tour

Sounds ace.