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Innuendo Rainbow
« on: March 14, 2004, 04:34:48 PM »
Does anyone know if this was for real or did they do it as a send up?

I cannot be for real can it? Our parents cannot of been that naive could they?

Innuendo Rainbow
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from here

We're often asked about the so called rude Rainbow, clips of which have been shown on the Channel Four programmes, TV Unzipped and TV Offal. Although often introduced as the unaired pilot, this episode was actually specially made by the team at Thames Television. Geoffrey Hayes told us, "The VT department of each ITV company, every Christmas had a competition to enter all the outtakes from their particular companies programme out put, and see which ones were the funniest. But ours wasn’t an outtake, we specially did it. It was specially scripted and we did it and I never saw it! We did it and Thames won it, but what they actually won, I don’t know. But I never saw the video. I can’t remember much about it except for Zippy with a banana." The script was written by the voice of Zippy and George; Roy Skelton. Sadly, we don't have a copy, so don't ask!!

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Innuendo Rainbow
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Or indeed from here.

But thanks for the link, Rubbish Monkey, lovely to know it was Roy Skelton (also the lead Dalek voice) who wrote it!!

Innuendo Rainbow
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Ahh thanks people. Very funny it was too.


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Innuendo Rainbow
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2005, 11:56:44 PM »
And buried in this clip (1:47 to be exact) is the Rainbow gang singing "The big dick song".  Which has absolutely nothing to do with picnics...

Innuendo Rainbow
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'Big dick song' aside, that download is chock full of Proustian rushes. That Humpty Dumpty thing and the Pam Ayres advert seemed so immediately familiar. I started hoping for that weird old Kinder advert with the jive-talking human egg to crop up, but you can't have everything...


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Innuendo Rainbow
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That rainbow clip is often passed off as either being the unaired pilot, or broadcast one lunchtime to millions of shocked children, or whatever, but as has already been said, it's some specially shot material for the Xmas tape.
There's a second rude rainbow clip featuring Jim Davidson & Tommy Boyd, where Zippy says something about "the fucking garden of Eden" which was recorded during a rehearsal for a Royal Variety Show, also for inclusion on a Xmas tape.