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Family crisis
« on: October 31, 2006, 11:58:45 AM »
Dear Aubrey,

I am currently going through a family crisis. My parents' marriage is on the rocks, my brother has been admitted to hospital with severe depression, and my sister has just lost her home and may be homeless unless she finds an alternative quick.

Last night over a romantic dinner, I explained the full extent of my family's problems to my new boyfriend. He suggested that the best way to solve my family's problems would be for me to give him a blowjob like the one this woman was giving in this film he made me watch the other night and then, again like the woman in that film, let him cum all over my face, hair, and breasts. He insists this will make me feel more confident about myself and thus in a better position to help my family. Naturally, I'm somewhat sceptical, but could he be right?


Aubrey Barkus

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Family crisis
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I kow the filma you mean: "Pubic Information Films!!" Hey you canget diffe[/color]rtnet colours!!

Bollocks, fucked that up like a cunt, didn't I?!

Jesus Im drnk!!