are ytou sick of it??

9 (25%)
10 (27.8%)
yes or no
10 (27.8%)
i don;t care any more
7 (19.4%)

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Aubrey Barkus

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untitled_londonwas righyt
« on: October 31, 2006, 10:00:10 PM »
untitled_londonwas righyt.  if you had the  manners and wit to get out thger and talk to people aboiut real,life in the theatre and on television  instead of pissing your lives aqway on here you might find out a little ,more about what really matters.  stanaley unwin!  “basic engly twentyfido!”
but you sity there in your putrid pits white as a fuckimn chalk!  God awful spastics!!!
ive had it here y,ou can struggle on without me if tyo want: if you can!  I won’t be back.  I might,. But I wont.  or i might,


aubrey x