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The Second Annual Tumbleweed Awards - Voting Now Open
« on: December 01, 2006, 08:46:25 PM »
Hey there, it's time once again for our antidote to the ever-tedious British Comedy Awards ceremony.  Incidentally, last year I worked out that 6 episodes of Extras had garnered more nominations than 14 episode of The Office...honestly, it's as if the judges are a bunch of bandwagon-riding self-publicists who'll ensure that they give the current flavour of the month just enough nominations to break Steve Coogan's record, thereby guaranteeing themselves lots of lovely publicity. Anyway, Lalla Ward and alan strang - the fine gentlemen responsible for the whole thing - are already working on the awards ceremony for the second annual Tumbleweed Awards, and the Comedy Chat regulars have spent the last week nominating the very worst of the past years comedy output.  So it's over to you lot now for the final voting...One of the most interesting things about this for me is that the vast majority of votes come from people who don't frequent our Comedy Chat forum, and so we get to see a more general view of what this site's visitors have thought of the year's comedy.  So please get your votes in as soon as possible, you can find a voting form in this thread, copy and paste that into your email client and then send it to me at please ensure that you put "Tumbleweeds" or "Tumblies" in the subject line so I can filter on it.  

Also, don't forget that you can still see last years awards...the vast majority of the comments used last year were plucked from the forums archive, but this year it'd be great if you could use your voting form to post some general thoughts about your votes.  Those will be used in this years awards with full credit given - please provide a pseudonym if you don't wish me to use the name attached to your email address.  As I say, it's great to hear what you lot thought of British comedy over the past year, so please do try and provide us with lots of juicy comments.  It's not compulsory to vote in every category, nor is it compulsory to write comments on them...but we'd certainly appreciate it if you had a go.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Very very slow on the Morris news front these days...if you have any info there, please drop me a line at so we can stick it up here.  We did get this snippet recently:

"It might interest you to know that Morris recently met with Will Adamsdale, the genius behing the Perrier-winning Jackson's Way and more recently Fringe hit The Receipt to discuss collaborating on writing a new series of Nathan Barley. Don't know if anything will come of it, but who knows?"

Bluuueeergh.  Thanks much to Jock Spoogewince for that news.  I wonder though if they weren't in fact meeting to discuss this suicide bombers thing?  

Here's something that I've been meaning to mention for a while, there's a great site called, which profiles your music taste.  It's brilliant, I'm thoroughly hooked on it.   If you get the new client then you can feed in a load of tags, and it'll spew out a custom radio station for you based on the tags/genres you've selected.  If you play CD's or media files through your computer, it'll build up your profile and then give you automated recommendations as well.  Anyway, there's a Cook'd and Bomb'd group, so drop in and say hello if you're on there.

Finally, the penultimate show in Chris Morris' fab 1993 GLR run, very surprising Wayne Carr section in this one...  Many thanks once again to Mat Savage for very kindly supplying us with the full set of tapes for these shows.  I'll stick the last one up in the next update, and gather them all together into one big pack for those who've missed previous ones - please do try and keep these things seeded for us.  After this run finishes, we've more great stuff lined up to encode.  Please get in touch at the above address if you've got any old tapes (especially GLR shows) knocking about, I'm particularly interested in trying to get high-quality reencodes of the old Wayne Carr clips for a page I want to add to the site...when we started off, it was all dial-up 'round 'ere, so the quality of the older stuff isn't half as good as the encodes we're releasing now.  Anyway, enjoy:

Chris Morris - GLR Show - 1st May 1993 - 127Mb

(Check the first reply to this update for my episode guide.  And thanks once again to Timmay for the Bit Torrent hosting, and to Mat Savage for the GLR tapes, top men both.  And join us next time on CaB, when we'll be running a campaign to try and help ensure that Time Trumpet doesn't get released on DVD.)

The Second Annual Tumbleweed Awards - Voting Now Open
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Episode guide for this show:

Competition: Guess the tune over the drumbeat, Mamas And The Papas - I Saw Her, Nelson Mandela over promoting trade in SA, Feedback Report: Gut Festivals, Bobby McClure and Fontella Bass - Gonna Mess Up A Good Thing, phone up for the sock quiz, Tube Station Competition: hilarious call with Chris/Shaun Ryder, The Four Tops - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever, GLR baby is back, Michael Beurk 999/nein nein nein rant, Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy, Keith Richards: New song (Benneton), Rolling Stones - Dear Doctor, Tube Station Competition, Roasting of the May robin, Wayne Carr: Sonia (FANTASTIC), News, Di's bulimia revelations, Talking Heads - Found A Job, Charles and Di's public display of intimacy, The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack, Sgt Murphy: What is the password today?, Van Morrison - Wild Night, Tube Station Competition, Branch Davidian Sect: British Wing, World Party - Sunshine, Kiddies Outing: Simon Bates, Pixies - Broken Face, Maria Muldaur - Midnight At The Oasis, GLR Headlines: Queen Victoria's pubes found growing through headstone, Aretha Franklin - Think, Sock Quiz: Foal, Bob Dylan - Subsubterranean Homesick Blues, Temporary Open Space: Bosnia Bosnia Bosnia Bosnia, Bananarama - Love In The First Degree, Happy Mondays - Holiday, Neil Young - Like A Hurricane (complete with Morris solo), Guess The Tube Station: It was Royal Oak, Chesney Hawkes - I Am The One And Only (same gag as from the first R1 Music Show), Terence Trent D'Arby - Penelope Please, Today's Events: May Robin Roast, Sam Brown - Kissing Gate, little bit of the Virgin rant, Next Week: What if Noel Edmonds was a cannibal?

The Second Annual Tumbleweed Awards - Voting Now Open
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Only just noticed this, cheers Neil, can't wait to listen to this GLR show.

The Second Annual Tumbleweed Awards - Voting Now Open
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Thanks, Neil! I'm absolutely amazed that 25-ish% of Verbwhores (who expressed a preference) didn't go for the "Aye, they're brill" option in the poll about this programme.

I've only listened to 45 mins or so of this one so far, and am loving it, again. That brilliant Wayne Carr Sonia interview almost made me feel sympathy for the irritating Scouse get. I said 'almost'. Real shame there's only one show left.

The Second Annual Tumbleweed Awards - Voting Now Open
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Fantastic, another Wayne Carr. I really enjoyed the last one. Thanks, Neil :)