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A nice heartwarming story concerning the sport of kings, darts.  Me mate was out last night and went to the Rangers FC affiliated WMC, The Edminston Pub, or whatever its called.  Anyway on arrival who should he see, at the oche, none other than World Champion Andy 'The Viking' Fordham, playing darts with Andy 'The Flying Hippo' Goram and Arthur Numan.  Apparantly the viking is a huge fan of the gers and best buddies with serial womaniser and toothless ex goolkeeper, Goram.  SO he goes up and speaks to The Viking, shakes hand and congrats him on being world champion etc, feeling gallus as fuck, he asks if he can play a few legs with them, it is a communal board after all.  So they are up for it and essentially he's there playing darts with the World Champion, and getting a free masterclass on the game all the while.  Andy is giving him some tips and angles and even explaing his own technique etc, although he wouldnt let anybody touch his darts, which is fair-do's.

Needless to say The Viking buggers him senseless in every game and Goram aint too slow either, he did however beat Arthur Numan who was shit apparantly.  We have been into darts, big time, for ages and play like demons, in our way.  So it was an amazing night by all accounts, he said Fordham was a really great guy, dead friendly and open.  Now how many world champs would give their time so openly.  Schumacher down the local go-karts, racing a against 'a few of the lads' or Pete Sampras having a knock about down the local park, wif da kids..... Nope, and why, because they are all CUNTS!!

A night out that most definitely scored - - - 180!!! :)