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Kings of Leon
« on: March 04, 2007, 09:19:34 AM »
Their new album Because of the Times is doing the rounds in the usual places. Anyone had a chance to listen to it yet? The track 'On Call' is up on Myspace, though I recommend getting your chops round 'Charmer' as an introductory track.

It's a bloody fantastic album - much darker and more bluesy than their previous offerings. I thought Youth and Young Manhood was great, but lost interest when they released Aha Shake Heartbreak.

I think they're touring too? I've seen them a couple of times - once at Brixton and the other time at GL1 in Gloucester. Great band to see live.

Kings of Leon
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I got to hear it a couple of times last night while unwinding and it's grabbing me like the last two, for sure. It sounds like a progression from those, though. Like it's a bigger, breezier sound.

I don't have any favorites yet, but yup. I'm also a fan, though I haven't had the pleasure of seeing them live. I really liked Aha Shake Heartbreak, I think because it suited the driving around in the sun sweating thing that seemed to take up most of my weekends when I first heard it.

Yup, lovely.



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Kings of Leon
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Loved the first album. At first I didn't like the second at all but it really grew on me - just a shame it's so short. I'll be looking forward to this - any release date? I wanted to get tickets to see them in Norwich but it sold out on the day and I was a few hours too late - d'oh.

So, any favourite tracks on the new album?

Cack Hen

Kings of Leon
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I'm really pleased about this album, I thought they'd lost it for good after Aha Shake Heartbreak, but this is a really solid move forward. Charmer may well be my favourite song they've ever done, that groove is immense.



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Kings of Leon
« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2007, 06:12:47 PM »
They supported The Pixies at Lansdowne Road over here. They got a great response, but I wasn't really that into them.

Kings of Leon
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I love the new album and I'm not really fan. Some brilliant songs and really high quality overall.

Kings of Leon
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I love this Band.  they're just outside the nme's radar (outside/beneath you know what i mean) - like we are scientists who are fantastic.

the second album isn't as quick to get into as the first, but I reckon it's good aswell.  I think you can get both together in a cardboard sleeve from most good record shops for seven quid.  haven't KoL lost the handlebars??