Author Topic: The Wanking Styles Of Rome - Part 1  (Read 1470 times)

The Wanking Styles Of Rome - Part 1
« on: March 25, 2004, 10:32:30 PM »
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Hello Cunts!

It is I, Sir Beagle Sumner of Sirenshireshropleybowlingshire!

Masturbation eh, great isn't it! Wasn't it! Yeeeeeeeeeeees, twas.
Although I am nearly 37 years old, I too still enjoy the sinful pleasure of 'Changing the sticky diaper' as the people of Wyoming call it.

But during a recent sabatical in Rome I became aware of two things, firstly, the distinct odour of Brie in the air, especially among the young youth-males, I believe they hold portions of the cheese in their magnificently shaved rectums, it's all the rage over there, apparently the Pope is addicted, he gets through about 15 cubic ounces of the stuff every preceeding and consecutive Shrove Tuesday, except for Sundays, which he devotes to baby-rim-rape.
Secondly, the varied styles of 'creaming the top of the neighbours skimmery' or 'buto-buto-buto-buto-buto-buto-waaaaaay', as they call it.

The streets of Rome are lined, jam-packed with 'Echo-Lie-Dee-Spank-Mime', being young-youth-male, ent females, who line the jam-packed streets, with the jam, and display theirasturbatory stylings like some kind of collection of moon-spoons with the frigging and the jerking.
(A cautionary note, if you DO go, take a brolly, I could not, as mine was being re-glazed, consequently I was soaked on a daily basis by romany-sperm and cunt-cheese in mine mouth, eyes, lobes, glutes, peep, hoob, elbows, woop, perm, and thrice in mine japi.

But ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, twas worth it. As I collected the collective sexual efluvia and a replica of Sir Desmond Tutu's head for my dying mother, well, I say 'dying' she's actually Spanish, but you get the general idea...

But I digress,...I also 'digest', usually while squatting on the floor, naked, so low, that me placid flaking ball-sack rubs along the floor, making an erotically charged 'perrtoingy-perrtoingy' noise, sort of like the noise a youth makes as you bugger their nasal-flange....

But I molest, err, I mean digress,...where was I...

Oh yes, WANKING!!!!

Right I'm bored now, fuck it.

Beagle Sumner of Sirenshireshropleybowlingshire (Sir)