Author Topic: The Great Virgin/Sky Clusterfuck  (Read 271 times)

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The Great Virgin/Sky Clusterfuck
« on: March 01, 2007, 09:50:53 AM »
Thanks to the midnight watch baboon for the title.

I would like to add my voice to the growing list of CaBers and general public who have been thoroughly fucked over by their petty money squabbles. What's the general feeling 'round here about the loss of Sky channels for the Virgin customers? I'm going to be getting in touch with Virgin to demand a reduction of my bill in line with the reduction of services available in the package I get.

Sky 1 has become as "normal" to have as the terrestrial channels AFAIC. Due to its general entertainment ethos and habit of buying up loads of decent programmes it is an essential channel to have. I will not, however, be moving my custom to Sky though as they, BSkyB as a company, are a bunch of cunts lorded over and run by cunts. They really need to get over themselves.

Surely they're devaluing their own brand by withdrawing it from Virgin. Won't their advertising slots be worth less now due to the xmillion people it suddenly no longer broadcasts to. In reducing their audience share so dramatically can they legitimately charge the same amount per slot as before? Of course the advertisers are in the same stranglehold as everyone else though aren't they? They need to have their time on the network, even with reduces viewers, so they'll have to give in to the financial demands of BSkyB rather than risk not having a presence on their networks. Will any of our major advertisers have the balls to say fuck-you to BSkyB and demand lower prices or withdraw their custom? Somehow I doubt it.

What about Virgin though? They signed a deal with BSB a while back to provide content they own  to Sky at less than a quarter of the money that Sky had been paying before. Sky, after that deal of course, then said they wanted more for the content they provide to Virgin - equivalent to 90p per customer per month. I don't know what the increase is in this case but I'm sure I remember hearing on TV that it's either twice as much as before or a quarter as much again. This left Virgin crying "foul" and refusing to sign the new deal.

Is this Virgin's fault for essentially naive business practice or are Sky really the tremendous cunts we think they all are who deserve a good metaphorical fucking kicking? Is it both? Either way loads of "innocent" people are the casualties of this war, but that's standard business practice these days isn't it? Look after number one and fuck everyone else. When did the customer/consumer become so insignificant to big business that two companies can afford to thoroughly piss off so many of them in one go?

Watch them all complain when downloading sees a significant increase in the future when we, the ones with the money to spend, stop buying into their shitty contracts and petty money fights and choose exactly what we want to watch exactly when we want to watch it and for no more than our already paid for broadband services.

Fuck you BSkyB and fuck you Virgin Media. Pair of cunts.

Incidentally, did anyone see the two bosses get egged on by BBC Breakfast's stand in economics presenter yesterday morning? I work in a primary school and they were putting each other down, one-upping each other and blaming the other just like the kids I work with when they're in trouble.

Also incidentally, but similarly as childish, Virgin are running the following strap along the bottom of the  Hallmark channel, an excellent replacement in Sky One's old spot:
Thanks to Sky, Sky One Channel is no longer available. They've picked up their ball and gone home. Fair play? We don't think so.
Very mature.

Two Guardian articles from today about this joint venture in to making the public feel worthless in spite of chucking loads of money at both companies month after month:,,2023940,00.html,,2023536,00.html