Author Topic: Sky withdraw free channels from Virgin Media service  (Read 220 times)


Sky withdraw free channels from Virgin Media service
« on: March 01, 2007, 10:45:02 AM »
Not big news for anyone on Sky, Freeview or good old analogue, but Telewest/NTL customers (now Virgin Media subscribers) have had the free Sky channels (Sky One, Two, Three, Travel, Sports News and News) all pulled from their service, the Sky News channel is now called Old Sky Snooze with a message saying how Sky have taken their ball back

Whilst I'm disappointed to lose these channels, it doesn't really affect me too much as The Simpsons is hardly worth watching these days, and I'm only going through Series 1 of 24 right now, plus Lost is available for download, but I have just lost my only source of Futurama :(

Having said that, I'm glad Branson is not letting Sky hold a gun to his head, their behaviour since he took over is fucking despicable, and I'd rather go without than allow Murdoch to continue to bully and dictate. He apparently muscled Branson out of owning a fair share of ITV too