Author Topic: LONDON MEET 3pm 10th/17th March  (Read 813 times)


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LONDON MEET 3pm 10th/17th March
« on: March 01, 2007, 01:47:27 PM »
Hey! Fancy a pint?

Yes, lets have a London meet. I've made it easy for you. Some of us will probably go for a drink next weekend, or the week after - fancy tagging along?

I would have already picked where, but I don't really care. We always settle on some catch-all please-none, central, inoffensive place. Well, I say lets just pick a place, and whatever its like at least we'll have something to talk/moan/laugh about after. Come on, its not a package tour, wheres your sense of adventure?  With this in mind, I have chosen this place:

Its in Angel. If anyone else wants to suggest a place then fine, can I just request (as much as for a change as for anything else) that it has abit of character?

Which reviews say serves good beer, randomly has good music, and unlike our recent choices won't be stacked to the rafters with ruddy-faced blokes in pink shirts and chinos (because Gazeuze will be busy that day! arf).

Please note this is a meet, not a prophecy for your decendants. Those unable to get in to see their diary secretaries to see if they have anything available next autumn need not apply. I know it takes you longer to arrange things, but when we plan three months in advance it all evens out anyway, as its been in the pipeline so long people forget about it and make other plans, So lets have a short notice knees up without weeks of back and forth blowing it out of all proportion, making the noobs nervous.
Also, if you'd love to come but can't, can you just assume we know?


Fancy one?