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After Lights Out
« on: February 04, 2004, 02:26:59 PM »
Was unemployed enough the other day to find myself in a charity shop. Faced with the opportunity of buying an old Smith & Jones video for £1.50, I thought, 'Hey, just go for it'.

It turned out to be mainly comprised of episodes I had on tape, but it brought back to mind just how sodding superb the Chris Langham After Dark sketches were. For those with no TV sets in the early nineties, Langham played a strange man-boy who presented an After Dark Show, with a pretensious toff, (Griff) a chauvenistic slob, (Mel) and a radical lesbian feminist (Brenda Blethyn, at first) but i have no idea who wrote it. They really should be available somewhere online, they're that good.

Shit getting kicked ou

After Lights Out
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On a totally pointless note: I've met Chris Langham. He's a really nice bloke. Or was, 12 years ago when I met him. He may be a twat now.