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"Twofour to make adult 'Famous Five'"
« on: August 30, 2007, 02:31:48 PM »
From DigitalSpy...

Twofour is to make a new drama based on the imagined grown up lives of the characters in Enid Blyton's Famous Five books.

The series, which is being developed with Blyton rights holder Chorion, will reunite Julian, Dick, George and Anne - and a descendant of the original Timmy the dog - 30 years on from their original adventures, with the characters now in their forties.

Casting, writers and a broadcaster are still to be confirmed. Recently appointed Twofour head of drama, Jo Wright - former drama chief at LWT, TalkbackThames and the BBC - said: "We felt that the idea of a grown-up Famous Five would appeal to many generations of readers in Britain and Europe. The characters will be looking back to a simpler time when their lives were stress-free and more enjoyable. I am delighted that Twofour and Chorion will be working together on this exciting project."

A Famous Five animated TV series, which chronicles the children of the Kirrin Island , is currently in co-production with Disney (Europe) and set to be broadcast on Disney Channel in the UK in the Spring of 2008.

Chorion's director of TV and Film, Phil Clymer, said: "The Famous Five obviously have an appeal that crosses generations, so we thought, in addition to the new dynamic animated TV approach for the core audience of kids, that it would be a fascinating exercise to look at what might happen to the characters when they arrive at middle-age - aimed at an audience that remembers growing up with the Famous Five."

This is going to end up like a cross between Torchwood and Hollyoaks: After Hours isn't it?  Anyone want to suggest any plotlines....?

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Re: "Twofour to make adult 'Famous Five'"
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As long as George gets some on-screen lezza action then I'll be happy.

Re: "Twofour to make adult 'Famous Five'"
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About 20 years ago, Peter Richardson was talking about doing a Comic Strip Five Go Mad sequel projecting them twenty years into their middle-age. I'd like to have seen that.

Re: "Twofour to make adult 'Famous Five'"
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An adult version of The Famous Five?

"Julian dicking Anne, George, and Timmy the dog..."

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Re: "Twofour to make adult 'Famous Five'"
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'Twofour to make adult Famous Five airing at eight on 10th September. Twelve people will watch'

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Re: "Twofour to make adult 'Famous Five'"
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"Oh Timmy, you're so licky..."

Well somebody had to do it.