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Re: YouTube best goals thread
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Re: YouTube best goals thread
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The infamous Willie Carr/Ernie Hunt free-kick from 1970:


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Re: YouTube best goals thread
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Ray Houghton's winner against Italy for Ireland at the 1994 World Cup.[/spoiler]

What makes this short clip so much more entertaining is the embarrassing American commentary that accompanies the delightful goal. As well as describing the shot as a "chipper", one of the clowns refers to Ireland as "England" (around the 0:30 mark) and calls Ray Houghton "Roy Houghton".

Someone actually uploaded the whole game onto YouTube in a collection of ten-minute-long videos and, having re-watched parts of it last night, the commentators make themelves out to be idiots the whole way through the game. At one point, they confuse Paul McGrath's tenacity for "treachery". Obviously, before the game, someone had told the clueless fools to look out for the 1993 World Player of the Year, Roberto Baggio, so, while the collossus that was McGrath, in his mid-thirites and after six knee surgeries, was demonstrating a supreme masterclass in the art of defending by keeping both Baggio and Signori in his pocket throughout the whole game, the commentators were busy giving Baggio replay blowjobs and praising his fruitless touches for 90 minutes. Funnily enough, the clip actually begins just as a Baggio touch replay is about to end and the commentators are drooling over the fact that he managed to knock the ball on without being touched. It was satisfying to hear them stunned into silence for a few seconds after Houghton's shot hit the net. Later in the game, they even had the cheek to suggest there might have been a hand-ball involved in Houghton's bringing of the ball under control.

Re: YouTube best goals thread
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Dragan Stojkovic in Italia 90.  Quick thinking under pressure, and, quite simply, a lesson in trapping a ball.


Not a goal but while we're on the subject of Yugoslavians, I can't believe I saw Robert Prosinecki playing for Pompey.  Here he is taking the piss out of Rotherham...