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"Mad Hilarious" Gift Cards
« on: February 02, 2008, 09:37:57 AM »

We're all aware of those truly awful gift cards on sale all year round that you're expected to buy for your mad mate upon passing his driving test, your krazy dad on Father's Day or your fat cunt of an uncle on his birthday. What makes things worse is when you actually have to scramble through bloody shelf-loads of them in order to find a rushed but moderately decent and respectable last-minute purchase underneath this heaving mass of turd. These cards would need to spray out some nitrous oxide when you open them if they were to make me laugh.

The brief discussion here on the issue, coupled with Hank_Kingley's support for a dedicated thread, gave me the urge to give this thread life. The market is indeed saturated. It's hard to even imagine that they all sell. It seems like a terrible waste of cardboard. However, one thing is for certain; we need more of them. And fast. According to an industry expert, "the cards [they] want are the ones that sell, and those are almost without exception about sex, getting pissed, getting older or farting."

Here's my lame effort. I know it's over a month late and all, but still, it plays music when you open it.

<Open card to test.>

I'm sure others can give it a good shot. This important market is depending on your skills.