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Mong request: Disney related.
« on: April 02, 2008, 03:51:38 AM »
Hi all.
A friend of mine is leaving the Co I work for in order to work for Mickey mouse and i'd like to give him a Disney related Mong-farewell card, nothing too dodgy like the 'naked Snow White and the Seven dawrfs knobbing her' image that did ther rounds a few years ago but perhaps a joke 'DVD deleted scene of Bambi's Mum getting shot in the face by a shotgun' type thing.
Any images please post here.

Cheers ma'dears !

Oooohh... another idea, if you have any of your own characters along the VerbWhore vein you'd like pitched to Disney post those here too, i'll print and framne them and hand them to him during his leaving do !
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Re: Mong request: Disney related.
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