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RIght, back at it!  I've lots to do here actually, I'll be finishing off the complete and total over-haul of Cook'd and Bomb'd I started last Easter, and looking to continue developing the CaB Radio side of it, and hopefully do more interviews. 

In case you missed it last time, or in the forums, I did an hour-long interview with Armando Iannucci before Xmas, armed with a bunch of questions supplied by the Comedy Chat visitors, and you can download that here.  Hope you enjoy it.  As noted in the interview, On The Hour will finally be getting a complete CD release, hooray!

Have to say a massive thanks to the forum folks for also clubbing together and getting me an Xbox 360 and a stack of games and stuff back at Xmas, a really lovely gesture, and very much appreciated.  You can hear an embarrasing audio file of me being surprised with it on Xmas morning here.  Really can't say thanks enough for that, especially with GTA IV out in under a week.  Yer man Morris was a big fan circa Vice City, apparently, think him and Brooker were influenced when sending out that Nathan Barley "Shoreditch" map to journalists.  Remind me to dig that out and type it up and stuff.  Anyway, special thanks to Huzzie and jutl for arranging the whole thing, lovely gesture.

Would also like to say a big thanks to Timmay who has, at no small expense, personally provided the bit torrent tracker hosting for the last few years.  That's moving around now, however torrents should be available again, but hosted from his personal computer.  So it's more important than ever that you try and help out by keeping the torrents seeded, please.  Have to also say thanks again to Nick from Positive Internet, as it's shortly coming up to the seventh year of donated hosting from that fine chap, and his support has been instrumental in me being able to continue developing the place, and also in just keeping the damn thing open.  In fact, it's now over 11 years since he started providing web resources for Morris fans.  Respec'

So, Morris stuff, firstly, here's something that has managed to slip through the net till now, but which was pointed out to me recently by the blogger, Morris was learning Arabic back in 2006.  By now, I'm sure most of you have seen this article, titled The absurd world of Martin Amis, written by Chris Morris, and published in the Guardian in November.  Prior to that, Morris tackled Amis at the Institute of Contemporary Arts back in October.  Threads about the latter here, and one about Morris' article here
Anyway, think that's it for now, I'll be more frequent again from now on folks.  Have to invite you to take part in CaB Radio, it's really been finding its feet over the last 8 months, and there's been some genuinely fun and interesting content.  Be sure to get into the chatroom while it's on, as that's part of the fun of it.  And listen out for the regular shows from Loius Barfe on Wednesday nights, and Crease and Kelvin on Thursdays.  Sundays from 6 continues with a different host each week, and new regular relay nights starting on the first Sunday of each month.  Thank you to Magnum for the new hosting for this!  The stream is here, stick that link into Winamp/iTunes or whatever when it's on, or use the handy side-bar on this site which appears when someone is streaming.  Downloads for recent shows and stuff are always posted in the thread, as well as on The CaB Radio Wiki

Hey!  sign up for VerbWhores while you're at it, and post some fun forum content or discuss music, comedy and whatever takes your fancy.  Please continue to send me interesting audio to or leave voicemail on 02895 81 1976 (Belfast number).  I'll add a small bunch of my favourite clips and stuff to this page, don't miss the Moloch Dendrologist files in particularly, very funny contributor.

That'll do for now.

Would it be feasable to put the files available on the torrents on the CaB download account as well?  If people want to up them to I don't have a problem with that at all.  But still, great work all round everyone.

peter davies

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When are all those sections of the site marked "coming soon" actually going to appear? They've been like that for months and months, are you making any progress?


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Re: Ипотека на недвижимость
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является в настоящее время единственным


я really.


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Goalkeeper Petr Cech says blunder against Turkey was "a shock"
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Goalkeeper Petr Cech has admitted his blunder that led to Turkey's second goal against his Czech Republic side was "a shock".
And the Chelsea stopper blamed himself for the 3-2 defeat after two late goals from Nihat Kahveci ensured the Turks progressed to the quarter-finals of the tournament ahead of the Czechs.
With his side leading 2-1 and only three minutes of normal time remaining, Cech fumbled a straightforward cross into the path of Nihat who bundled the ball home.
And then just two minutes later the same player found himself clean through on goal to net the winner.
Cech had no chance of stopping the late third goal, but said he would still take the blame for the defeat because he believed his error had resulted in his defenders losing concentration.
"When you make a mistake, you have to admit it. It was my mistake that decided that we have to go home," he told the BBC after the game.
"My mistake was such a shock for everyone. I think the third goal was a consequence of the second one.
"When I went for the cross I knew I was alone. I didn't want to punch it. I wanted to control it and then catch it at the second time but suddenly the ball was too far.
"I should have just punched the ball - I know that now."

alan nagsworth

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Please don't delete the above post Neil. So out of context and purely random, I find it very funny.

CaB is doing sport now don'chaknow. Please keep us up to date with other like-minded football tidbits in purely random places mr. Soccer-Euro!


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The Discogs page on Warp Records lists a few gaps in the catalogue numbers:

WARP 118 - Chris Morris "Blue Jam II" (unreleased)
WARP 134 - Chris Morris "On The Hour - Series One" (unreleased)
WARP 135 - Chris Morris "On The Hour - Series Two" (unreleased)

So I'm assuming the two series of On The Hour are gonna be separate releases. And was this "Blue Jam II" compilation scrapped completely?


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^^^ Best. Spam. Ever.