Folks, please bear in mind that the one major rule here is that the forums are not used to buy and sell stuff, under any circumstance.

This includes the buying and selling of gig tickets - this is NOT a suitable place to do either of those things, and temporary bans WILL be given to those who break the rules.  Similarily, promoting gigs or events that you're involved with is not allowed.

Please be aware that spamming is also something I have little tolerance for, and links to eBay auctions/cafepress sites/referral blogs etc are similarily unwelcome and, as they count as 'money-making,' they will also be punished with a temporary ban.

These rules are obviously aimed at making your stay on the forums more pleasurable and productive, please bear them in mind, and use the 'report' button to inform me of any rule breaks. 

Please also remember not to hide images that are 'not work safe' behind spoiler tags.  They are still loaded even if they're not displayed - therefore, for the sake of those who browse at work and suchlike, they should be provided as a standard link, with an obvious indication that the image isn't safe to browse at work (e.g. "NWS")

Finally, if you have an issue with my moderation of these forums, I must insist that you raise it with me privately using the PM function - dealing with such matters publically vastly increases the amount of time I have to spend on such things, and is just generally very unpleasant for me.