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Four Lions, plus On The Hour CD Release
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Well, I'm really behind here, very sorry about that.  Since the last update, in case you aren't aware, there's been some news on the forthcoming 'Chris Morris suicide bomber thing' - which now has a working title of Four Lions.  You can find a full archive of the emails that have been sent out from Warp Films in this thread.  The long and short of it is that Morris has now seemingly recieved enough funding support that he won't need to rely on the fanbase to send in their 25 quids.  Here's the very latest email, which was sent out yesterday:

Subject: FUNDED
Date: Wednesday, 8 April, 2009 11:18 AM
From: "Funding Mentalist"


Due to this week’s final confirmation on our funding, your chance to be in the film has just become more real...  no specifics yet but it might be worth getting yourself physically fit over the summer.  We may need you to do some running on camera this autumn (to cut into our shots from the london marathon last year).

This last word on our financing means we can move from faith to reality and actually start putting together a full team over the next few months. Rewrites continue. There have been meetings about posters(this seems to be far more important than actually getting the film cast, written and shot).  Location planning reports are good - we are currently focused on the Alps for Pakistan.

More news when the work kicks in. Meanwhile go and see In The Loop.  Chris has been banging on about it since xmas & says it is "very funny" and had him laughing "in three different registers".


In The Loop, incidentally, is Armando Iannucci's new film - Comedy Chat has a thread you may want to read which follows it right from the initial press release.  I can't wait to see it, meself.  As someone with zero interest in politics and ISSUES, I still find it heartening to see Morris and Iannucci giving such a shit these days.  It's particularly refreshing to see Morris getting his teeth into something he seems genuinely angry about, again, and this new film sounds like it may also have enough extreme silliness to be comedically worthwhile.  Let's hope so.

While we're on the subject of irritation and extreme silliness, the 1994 Music Shows undoubtedly remain as one of the very highest points of Morris' entire career.  When I set up CaB Radio a couple of years ago now, one of the things I eventually wanted to do with it was to rebroadcast the old Morris shows as if they were going out live.  When the 1993 GLR shows turned up, I quickly realised they were probably my favourite Morris thing EVER, and that people's heads would spin if they heard them going out 'in context.'  In other words, they went out at 10am on a Saturday morning, and it's amazing what he got away with at that point - he was already doing bits like The Sock Quiz, and even performed the Chollis Ketteridge bit that would go out a year later on Radio 1! 

On top of that, I really love the communal listening experience.  So, anyway, now we've finally got round to putting this interesting little listening project into action, starting with those Radio 1 1994 shows.  Louis Barfe hosts an excellent regular show on CaB Radio - every Wednesday night from 9pm - and for the last few weeks he's been kicking off with a different Morris show.  These are then repeated by whoever is hosting on Sunday night at 9pm.  We're following the schedule to the letter, even down to the two-week suspension that was given to Morris after the Heseltine show.  So, the return show - show 7 - went out last night, and Louis is continuing from there.  Louis has also very kindly went to his own archives, and supplied upgraded copies of some of the shows, so look out for new versions of some of the shows coming soon - he's done a really great job of 'remastering' some of them.

To be honest, I find this whole venture really exciting, it's the first public airing these amazing shows have had in just shy of 15 years, and it's an absolute joy to be able to look forward to them Wednesday night now, particularly as I missed them when they actually went out on Radio 1.  Do please join us in the chatroom (java box - or use channel #cookdandbombd and server if you have a proper IRC client).  And keep an eye on CaB Radio, anyway, as I honestly believe there's some genuinely great stuff on there.  Remember also that I want everyone to get involved with it - get into the thread if you want to submit a mix, do some live hosting, send in home-made comedy etc etc.  (I'd really appreciate if people used the thread rather than getting in touch with me directly, as I'm totally snowed under with PM's and emails at the minute, so please bear with me, and do send a follow-up if you've been waiting for a reply on this or some other issue for a while now.)

Anyway, yes, Chris Morris on Wednesdays at 9pm with Louis, and then there's a repeat on Sunday at 9pm. 

I'll try and keep this update briefish, for a change, and perhaps add a seperate one later if more stuff occurs to me.  I must let you know that I've now moved the messageboard side of the site to a new server - this has been VERY kindly donated by lynxwolf, and I'm eternally grateful to him, just as I am to Nick Mailer from Positive Internet for continuing to put up with me.  Nick has been extraordinary with his generosity for many, many years now.  I must also thank Magnum for continuing to host CaB Radio and the chatroom server.  I'm so very thankful that CaB will hit ten in August, and I've managed to keep it ad-free thanks to the staggering loveliness of you lot out there.  Thank you so much for all your support over the years, and keep sending in those old Morris tapes and stuff -

So, the site is still in disarray, really, and I have yet to finish the complete rewrite I started a few summers ago...but I am on the case.  I must also thank weirdbeard for the assistance he's given me over the last year - I started wikifying the site a while ago so that it could be kept updated by the userbase, rather than relying on my lazy arse to do it, and weirdbeard seized upon this idea, and has done an absolutely admirable amount of work behind the scenes.  Thanks to him, you will find a lot of the old downloads online again - hey, he even travelled around to get hold of TV and radio listings and all sorts!  So have a sniff round, and please remember that you can always, ALWAYS, improve this place if you think it's lacking in some department.

Finally, it's great to be able to say that On The Hour has finally been released on CD - you can find a thread on this in Comedy Chat.  Seemingly Morris himself was behind this, and a commendable amount of effort has been put in with regards extras.  I mean, the set even contains rushes!  Sadly, though, it's the edited repeats of series 2 that have been used - a few years ago, a nice chap made me a couple of dubs from the archives, and these seemed to suggest that the cut segments were tacked onto the end of the tapes, so I'm not sure what's happened there.  Regardless, it's fantastic to see this release, and I can't wait to get a copy myself.  Warp have even set up an OTH website where you can hear clips and the like. 
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Re: Four Lions, plus On The Hour CD Release
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Thanks Neil.  Did I ever ask you if Rob Baker had any more NKC tapes?  I seem to recall the quote being "dozens", when they first came out.  Do you still have his contact details?


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Re: Four Lions, plus On The Hour CD Release
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I've seen several mentions online that people have spotted Morris filming around Sheffield this week. Kevin Eldon was spotted on set, too, so that's a good sign.

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Re: Four Lions, plus On The Hour CD Release
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I've seen several mentions online that people have spotted Morris filming around Sheffield this week. Kevin Eldon was spotted on set, too, so that's a good sign.
Bugger, if I'd known I'd have stalked the streets for him. Well, gone for a wander round and seen if I just ran into him by chance.


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Re: Four Lions, plus On The Hour CD Release
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Quote from: Empire
Morris, the satirical genius behind Brass Eye, Blue Juice and The Day Today

Now that would have been worth seeing.


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Re: Four Lions, plus On The Hour CD Release
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According to some guy (I forget his name, I think it was John something) being interviewed on Adrian Goldbergs talksoprt show the other week, this film should be out by "late this year or early 2010".

I think the man in question was one of the executive producers, if you're wondering how he would know.