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Hello, I've now got most of the old site content back online, and there's even more than there was before.  Must single out weirdbeard for the absolutely excellent job he's done researching and adding new material to the site, see for instance the lovely new Radio Cambridgeshire page.  A wonderful level of dedication to improving CaB for the benefit of others, there, thank you so much for that, and thanks to everyone else who's worked on the wikified CaB (particularly All Surrogate for his level of dedication to the CaB Radio side of things.  I'm still adding new content, radically improving the design, and programming custom bits and pieces - it's a long, hard slog, as the site is very large now, and quite irritatingly complicated.  There's ten years of content to be categorised and re-added, plus I want to add more new sections to the site, and go right through all the old stuff to make sure I find material I never quite got round to adding before.  You'll notice that the Image Archive and Article Database are finally back online, and I'll be plugging the gaps in those as time and interest permits.

I'm now fully moved over to so please do update your bookmarks and links.  The old site will be changed to point over here.  Many thanks once again to all the forum posters who quickly and kindly got the money together for me to buy some hosting, I'm extremely grateful, and it affords me the opportunity to keep improving this old place.

The Image Archive now houses a Four Lions section, ditto for the Article Database.  I will store the Funding Mentalism emails that are sent out, along with any press coverage, photos etc. about the forthcoming Morris film.  In fact, a new email was sent out from Warp this afternoon, you can read and discuss it here.  After asking for people's money, before turning it down, then provoking people to get physically fit, but then later saying that was for nowt too, Morris and Warp Films are now redeeming themselves by offering to send out free film cells and stuff...hooray.  Not on the list, and want to keep availed of info and freebies?  Happy to continue chomping at the dangled carrot of inclusive, chummy, Web 2.0, Popbitch-endorsed 'you're a real part of something here' viral marketing bullshit?

Me too!  Fire off an email to to feel involved, and ultimately be more adroitly marketed at.  I'm back working on CaB more frequently, so if you want updates about that then the old mailing lists are still going on yahoogroups.  If you aren't on there already, simply fire off an email to (for very occasional chat) or (for a message from me any time I update CaB, and nothing else.)  I suppose I should be using Twitter, or something, but I'd really rather not. 

Think that's about it, so I'll leave you with a rather lovely bootleg of a recent Armando Iannucci Q&A session, in which he promoted his new book "The Audacity Of Hype".  This is a very nice quality boot, and Iannucci is as amusingly avuncular and charming as you would expect - many thanks to Little Hoover for recording and supplying this rarity.  Please do get in touch with me if you have similar goodness to share through the site, I'm ALWAYS on the look out for rare Morris and Iannucci...particularly Chris Morris GLR shows (and the pesky Radio 1 1990 material).  Some new encodes coming very soon, by the way, just need some more hard drive space first.  Get in touch at or use the contact page, thanks.

Armando Iannucci - Audacity Of Hype Q&A at the Roundhouse - 12th October 2009 - 18mb (Encoded by Little Hoover)

If you'd like to discuss the new series of The Thick Of It or read about the recent Scottish Bafta awards that In The Loop won, then keep an eye on Comedy Chat.
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Re: Latest Four Lions news, plus the old Morris content back on-line
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Ah, thanks for the kind words and good work as always.

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Re: Latest Four Lions news, plus the old Morris content back on-line
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I'd just like to thank both of you for your considerable efforts, especially in getting the Chris Morris side of the site back up again.  :-)