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Re: Shit Trailers
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How does stuff like that get made so badly.

Ask Cannon Films.  Almost their entire output was arse.  They also tried their hand at 'classic tales'.  The result was this kind of business:

Re: Shit Trailers
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I'm sure this will be a fruitless one-post bump, but I just remembered this stinker of a trailer, which turned up on about half of the DVDs I saw circa 2003/4:
Mr Deeds [Movie Trailer]
How on earth could a comedy gross over $170million worldwide (not that astounding maybe, but pretty impressive for a silly medium-budget comedy) with that as the bait? Seriously, are there even any actual jokes there, let alone good ones? I did actually have the film on in the background once, but I can't remember if it really was as bad as this suggests.