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what a nice manI've made a completely hypocritical u-turn on Twitter, and have been sucked into the world of "social" "networking".  I still have a vehement hatred for the way the gap between fandom and the object of that fandom has been closed down.  Forget the 'notice me' stuff, for a second, fans have always done that, it's just that previously we generally had to get pissed up and hang around in the cold after a gig, clutching a Terrorvision setlist.  THEIR FIRST TWO RECORDS WERE GREAT, SHUT UP.  I have also lectured one half of The Books on Silver Apples, and Rated X by Miles Davis.  Anyway, what disturbs me more is how this gets exploited in various ways.  Using it to market yourself (and form compliant little "street teams") is one thing, but when it comes to pointing your fans to anything critical - so that they will rabidly shout it down while the celeb in question cackles over the resulting brouhaha - well...that's going too far. 

All that aside, my own first twitter was indeed reasonably fawning towards another celebrity.  Did you see Bellamy's People, the BBC2 TV transfer of Radio 4's Down The Line?  If not, I'd advise you to get hold of it from iTunes, or preorder the DVD.  I fell in love with it, in a big way.  Before the run had even finished, I was proclaiming it as a classic.  This prompted me to seek out an interview with Charlie Higson for Cook'd and Bomb'd/CaB Radio, and he not only agreed, he was also extremely generous with his time.  It's ended up as a 3-part, 90-minute interview - I'm still working on the final edits for the last two parts, but you can download the first one now from one of the following mirrors: Megaupload - Rapidshare - HotFile.  I hope you enjoy it.  Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions, and special thanks to NoSleep Nigel, ApexJazz, and Entropy Balsmach, who were a great help in sorting out various audio issues.  And of course, huge thanks to Charlie Higson, who was insightful, funny, and candid with his answers.  Smart man, thoughtful.  Follow him on Twitter, he's @monstroso, and his old mucker @humphreymilner should be on your list as well. 

My next interview is lined up already, I'm going to be having a chat with Lucian Randall, author of the forthcoming book "Disgusting Bliss: The Brass Eye of Chris Morris".  I'm still reading through the proofs, and am impressed so far.  Great level of research, and really interesting information about Morris that isn't just culled from existing articles etc.   Such as this, which in turn confirms this

So, now I'm on this "Twitter", I'm going to use it to fire out Chris Morris news.  It's actually proving very useful for banging out quick bits of info and the odd mp3, you can add me at @cookdandbombd or browse my twitters from the web front-end

So, Morris news, then.  There are two Four Lions screenings this Thursday at the Bradford National Media Museum.  I must thank the kindly anonymous type who tipped me off about the extra screening the day before it was announced.  I fired out a twitter about it, and posted on here too, so the 6pm showing will hopefully be crammed full of fans, rather than meeja types and journos.  Don't forget to bootleg those Q+A's, I should be recording them myself, but you can never have enough back-up.  Audio-only is fine, be discreet, don't get chucked out.  There's a proper Four Lions trailer now, but as you'd expect from trailers these days, it is apparently hugely spoilerific! 

The trailer was originally hosted on MSN, then very quickly pulled, before finally reappearing some days later.  I spotted a (now-deleted) twitter from someone who was responsible for the audio, and he referred to the original trailer being the wrong speed.  Good job, too...Victoria Pile sitcoms can be wearing enough, we don't need the addition of Pinky and Perky vocals.  The general UK release for Four Lions is the 7th May, however, you may still be able to see it before then.  Thanks to Phillipe Lambert for the following info:

Nottingham Evening Post reporting tonight that Morris, Jesse Armstrong, Iannucci etc will be attending in Nottingham, 21-29 April, with a screening of 4 lions. Tickets not on sale until 1st April... Here's a previous news story on it about Iannucci's attendance.

I'll fire out more reminders about tickets nearer the time.  Click on the thumb to see the Four Lions poster.  I can't wait to see this, reports seem to confirm that Morris is back to being really, really funny.  If you want any more info, then here's the full press release, courtesy of ETT.  One final bit of info that I almost forgot, Four Lions will be closing the SXSW festival tonight.  It looks like there were also plans for Jody Stephens to play with Big Star again, for the first time since 1974.  Very sad news about Alex Chilton, another of my heroes, wish there was room beside Syd in the banner.  RIP.

Incidentally, today marks ten years of the CaB discussion forums.  I did set up a 'guestbook' (remember those?) when the site launched in 1999, but CaB as a discussion community didn't exist till ten years ago to this very day.  Thanks to all who have supported it over the years, in whatever way, whether it be by posting, hosting, or, err...roasting?  This rule of three stuff is harder than it looks. 
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I really did not like your movie four lions, as you had no right to say things about a mosque, how would you like it if someone made fun of your beliefs Chris Morris....
This is a volition to human right.

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Re: I HATE the movie FOUR LIONS
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I really did not like your movie four lions, as you had no right to say things about a mosque, how would you like it if someone made fun of your beliefs Chris Morris....
This is a volition to human right.

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