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Inspiration (in strange places)
« on: March 23, 2010, 09:29:51 AM »
I was listening to Kool Keith recently (because he's amazing, obviously) and I couldn't help noticing that his approach to his art is very similar to that of William Burroughs, and I'd definitely say Keith was directly inspired by it.

The weird, disjointed flow of analogies and surreal, science-fictional wordplay is a big hint, and also the totally unashamed and unrelenting force of vulgar scenarios seeming almost lucid and beautiful to behold. For example, in 'Naked Lunch' Burroughs frequently delves into unknown realms of sado-masochism and graphic sexual intercourse; whereas Keith, on 'Dr. Octegonocologyst', paints a scene of a cross-dressing male pretending to be a gynecologist and then forcibly raping a patient (this is portrayed by DJ Qbert scratching a sample of a woman screaming after the man stops putting on a fake female voice and asks, "okay, like a cock???").

DJ Q Bert - A visit to the Gynecologyst (Dr Octagon 1996)

Also check the lyrics on this bad boy:

Dr. Octagon - Waiting List

Do you often listen to music and suddenly strike a comparison to something that is much more than just a 'Similar Artist' listing on Thoughts please!

Re: Inspiration (in strange places)
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Eels - Last Stop This Town

Some nice moments, but completely to the detriment of the lyrics. I'm willing to bet this is what E had in mind:

Banks- Mary Poppins songs