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Stella Street - The Movie
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Stella             treat

£1m movie goes straight to video

The £1 million film of Stella Street is to be released             straight to video.

Columbia Tristar are to issue the movie, starring Phil Cornwell,             John Sessions and Ronni Ancona, on DVD and video March 22.

The plot of sees the impersonated celebrities, who live in             the same anonymous suburb, lose their wealth after being conned             by a criminal boss.

The celebs, including Michael Caine, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino             and Mick Jagger, then take on menial jobs to survive, as well             as giving tours of their homes and acting out scenes from their             film to starstuck tourists.

The DVD, priced £19.99, also boasts a number of extras,             including a spoof documentary about the supposedly lost Michael             Caine movie Bongo In The Congo, a 'making of' film, plus 'Caine'             leading a guided tour around Soho, reminiscing about the Swinging             Sixties.  

A poor-quality QuickTime trailer can be seen here.

That's from Chortle. Here's the link to the trailer


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Stella Street - The Movie
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The quoted budget is balls, as is much of the film.

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Stella Street - The Movie
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Straight to the video, straight to the bin.  Oh.

Seriously, does anyone have any more information on this?  I was quite looking forward to it, the last thing I expected was for it to fail to get a general release.


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Stella Street - The Movie
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I've seen a version, which recycles some of series one in the form of a retrospective (ie. usual) drama-documentary about a swindle on the residents of Stella Street, which is in itself an addition to the existing storyline. I don't think the old stuff's reshot awfully well.

I don't think it works on 'film' either. Whatever people feel about the original, I always loved its bite and the slapped together VT look was a central part of it. I really wanted it to be good, but other than the Bowie parody recorded for the soundtrack - which is a genuinely great comedy record - there's little to recommend it, other than Peter Richardson's usual cosmetic ability to make his films look interesting and visually inventive. The comedy's quite strained and certainly nowhere near as good as series 3 or 4, which I felt were the pinnacle.

What I've seen of Churchill The Hollywood Years is great, though.

Stella Street - The Movie
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So what's happening about a video/DVD release for Stella Street series 4? I'm getting really frigged off now with these companys holding this stuff back, I'm still waiting for South Park Series 5 Box Set and Stella Street Series 4. I made the mistake with both of them that instead of taping them, "I'll just buy them when they come out". Little did I know they wouldn't come out.

Oh and I've just tried watching the trailer but there was no sound on it. Anyway, that's my gripe over with.

Stella Street - The Movie
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Stella Street has a new home on Paramount, for anybody interested. Seeing as UKG2 became just as bland as UKG (but worse), the corpse of PlayUK is slowly being scavenged.