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Just Announced: FOUR LIONS nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Debut Director, and Best Film! @BIFA_film

Trying to find out who the actors are at the minute, my money is on Riz Ahmed and Nigel Lindsay.  Stunningly strong cast in general, but these two had particularly compelling performances that really drove the narrative, plus Lindsay's skill with comedy lines is extraordinary.

Four Lions is being distributed in America by Drafthouse's their first release, and they're touring it round the country.  Morris is in tow, appearing at Q&A's, and popping up on all kinds of podcasts.  The latest one is The Sound Of Young America.  Jesse was gutted to miss out on an interview when Four Lions was being shown at Sundance/SXSW, so it's nice to see he caught up with him in the end.  There's a nice, long, chatty interview with Chris Morris on the Motion/Captured Podcast as well, and more forthcoming.  Follow @cookdandbombd for the latest news.  Here are some photos from one of the American screenings.  Here's a nice report about one of the American Q&A's from Revelator - would be lovely to hear what more international fans think of the film, but sadly, it seems like people just make 140-character reviews on the way out of the cinema now, and don't go hunting for dedicated "fan sites"/forums as often.  The site and forums have never been busier, and grow each month, but the Morris discussion has really tailed off, frustratingly.  Well, anonymous comments are still open for these updates, regardless.

Oh, just heard back from the Four Lions people as I write this:

@cookdandbombd British Independent Film Award Nominees - Best Actor: Riz Ahmed and Best Supporting Actor: Kayvan Novak Nice! @BIFA_film

Novak was certainly a revalation in Four Lions, and it was arguably the strongest cast of any Chris Morris project, but I'm gutted that Nigel Lindsay didn't get any recognition.  Absolutely compelling, hysterical performance.  And how about some recognition for the weird, other-worldly quality that Adeel Akhtar brings to the screen? 

Few things to plug, too:  I was asked to review the Four Lions DVD/Blu-ray for The Culture Vulture.  Many thanks to @LaurenceBoyce for the flattering offer, and his assistance with writing for a more general crowd. 

I'm also doing a new comedy discussion podcast at - follow it on Twitter at @comedychat, and that will also keep you up-to-date with the latest CaB comedy discussions.  I'd really appreciate some link backs to that, and to CaB, too - get in touch for reciprocal ones.  Would love to have more of you involved with the podcast, feel free to email, or leave voicemail at 02 895 811976, or neilbombd on the Skype.

Update:  Chris Morris will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon next Monday!  I was hoping for Colbert or Letterman, [nb]No pleasing me, is there?[/nb] but regardless of that, I'm really looking forward to it.
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As much as I'm looking forward to seeing him doing any TV interviews, I have to admit to thinking along the same lines as your footnote. Fallon's the best they could sort out? Really?

He's blandess personified, isn't he?  I was drooling over the thought of Morris going up against an in-character Colbert.  As I said in CC, The Daily Show seemed doubtful as, although it can be wonderful, Stewart is a chronic bum-licker.  I guess there was that recentish thing where Morris pointed out he didn't rate him, and preferred Howard, too.  Morris seems to prefer a more relateively low-key approach with his work, and the promotion thereof, so Fallon does seem like a good fit.  Just a bland one.

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That's good to hear, I do also feel Nigel Lindsay probably deserved the nod over Kayvan, despite them both giving good performances though I do wonder if that's partly a slight dislike I have of Kayvan Novak coming through, I certainly feel Lindsay had a slightly more complex interesting character to play.

What else and who else is nominated?

What else and who else is nominated?

Here's the full list of nominations.  Nothing else there I've seen, I think. 

Riz Ahmed made a bit of a goof on Twitter:

Four Lions nominated for 4 BIFA awards - best actor, supporting actor, film, screenplay. :-D

...and, erm, The Douglas Hickox Award/Best Debut Director for Chris Morris.

I was trying to find the reaction to the bleach trailer, as I remember swooning over Lindsay from the off.  Voices are important to me, and his is cracking for comedy and drama, plus he just has such incredible presence.  Lovely little flourishes, too, like idly poking his finger in his ear in that trailer.  Novak does have similar little flourishes, such as in that jihad video that's embedded on the DVD menus.  The slow blinks are very effective at communicating his wide-eyed, child-like nature.

Anyway, ended up rereading about Morris' clash with Martin Amis.  Makes for very interesting reading, after the release of Four Lions.,16376.0.html,16845.0.html