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Four Lions opens in America - let's celebrate with a giveaway
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Here it is, the first Chris Morris feature-length film has been released today in America (and also South Africa, if I recall correctly?).  To mark the occasion, I've got three copies of the DVD to give away, and three copies of Disgusting Bliss, Lucian Randall's excellent CM biog (now out on Kindle).  To win one, regardless of where you are in the world, just provide me with some home-made audio about Four Lions that I can use in a future @comedychat podcast.  Your thoughts on the film would be a good place to start, but really, it's up to you, as long as it's in some way Four Lions-themed. 

You can leave voicemail at 02 895 811976, which is a phone-to-skype number.  If that doesn't work, send a skype voicemail to neilbombd, or even just record something on your puter, and send it to me at or attach it to this thread.  Whatever suits. 

There's also a dedicated Chris Morris/Four Lions forum again on CaB now, I widened that out into general comedy discussion some years back to increase the level of comedy debate on the site, and now it's time to bring back a dedicated spot for analysis of his work.  Many thanks to weirdbeard for his suggestion there, by the way, and for the huge amount of assistance he's given me in keeping up with all the American press that CM has been doing over the last week or two.  He's been promoting like a demon, and the interviews are all really loose and entertaining now.  Just bizarre to hear him in the same studio as irritating Stern-imitators "Opie and Anthony", never thought I'd hear the hilarious Jim Norton riffing with Chris Morris.  Exciting times.  Plus, CM appearing on Jimmy Fallon's show on Monday, don't forget.

So, get stuck into the Chris Morris/Four Lions discussion, there's just a ton of stuff there to watch, read and listen to, with new content coming in all the time.  Also keep an eye on for blog posts, and on Devin Faraci's Four Lions Tour Diary.  Tons of stuff happening on CaB too, as I continue to expand it, build up the @comedychat podcast, and continue working on adding to, and upgrading, the Morris archive. 

By the way, you know how you can never expect things from Chris Morris, because the whole point is that he surprises you at every turn?  Well, even knowing that, I still didn't expect to see Chris Morris merch.  There were posters too, but I think they've gone now.

Now, send me some Four Lions audio.  Here are the winners of the poster compo from a while back.
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Re: Four Lions opens in America - let's celebrate with a giveaway
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Cor! Loads of good stuff. Ta Neil. It's actually quite exciting to see Morris doing media stuff again, isn't it?