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blue jammer - oldies mix 01 & 02
« on: February 02, 2004, 07:05:04 PM »
A couple of mixes of old house/techno-y stuff, from the period 1988-1993.

If you fancy a listen, read on, broadband only though as they're large files.

Done live, in one take, recorded from the mixer (Vesta PMC-15MkII) into Sound Forge 6, where I normalized it, edited the scuff sound from the start and faded the end out. No other processing was done, all mistakes are still in there hehe.

I tried to pick a few tracks that others wouldn't go for, as I've seen a lot of mixes where people just play the (very) big anthems, and that's good, but I like to be a bit different (don't we all)

So, this is what we have:

Dionne - Your Lies [Big Shot]
Tribal House - Motherland - A-fri-ca [Cooltempo]
Seduction - (You're My One And Only) True Love [Breakout]
Secchi Feat. Orlando Johnson - I Say Yeah [Epic]
Seventh Heaven - Rhino [3Beat]
Special Clock - Boom Pow [Stress]
Subject 13 - Eternity [Vinyl Solution]
R.F.T.R. - Extrasyn [GFB]
RJ's Rule - Kinectic Flight [Tink]
Hashim - Al-Nafayish (The Soul) [Cutting] - very briefly
Panic - Dungeon Groove [Ozone]
Pick 4 - Last Night [Powertraxx]
Nu-Tek - Happiness [Oh'Zone]
Moody Boys Introduce Screamer - What Is Dub? [Love]
Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk [Rumour]
Mark Summers - Party Children (Remix) [4th + Broadway]
The Mackenzie - Party People [USA Import Music]
Louie Vega - House Of Vega [FRO]
Little Little - Tickle Me [Dance Opera]
Liquid Oxygen - Planet Dance [Champion]
Liaison-D - Future FJP [New Beat/Music Man]
Kate B - Free [HPF/Music Man] **

** Sorry for the sound in this, my copy is very very battered, as it used to be a track that people would ask for a lot back in the days (must get myself a new copy of it!)

Oh yeah, the all important link:

blue jammer - oldies mix 01.mp3 [63.55Mb. 128kbps, run time 69:25]

Left click the link and choose a path to save to.


And another one...


Synthesis - Hear This Side [Italian Style]
Time Chambers - Waiting Room #1 [Requestline]
Major Problems - City Under Siege: Murder (25 To Life Mix) [Nu Groove]
Corina - Loving You Like Crazy [Cutting]
Liz Torres - If U Keep It Up [Jive]
Orr-Some - We Can Make It [Debut]
Sil - Windows [Rhythm]
Ultraviolet - Kites [Big Life] ^
Vienna - Tell Me [Pal Ma Res]
2 Intense - I've Fallen 'N' I Can't Get Up [Dynamix II] +
This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm [Phonogram]
Cool House - Rock This Party [Underground]
Phuture - We Are Phuture [Trax] =
Phantasia - Violet Skies (acapella) [Mental Radio]
The Martian - Get Up To My Groove [Champion]
Lost Entity - Annihilate [Nu Groove] $
Octave One Feat. Lisa Newberry - I Believe [Transmat]
Reese - Rock To The Beat [KMS]
Utopia Project - File #1 [Nu Groove] *
Karma - M'Baby - [Swe Mix]
Black Riot - Just Make That Move [West End]
Moodswings - Works Of Atreus: The 6 Train [Atreus] £

^ Could have played the piano mix of this, hands in the air Sasha classic, but this fitted the mix better

+ I dug this out, excellent cover, and a superb track

= My all time fave acid track

$ How sexy is this track, phwoar!

* That hi hat pattern is simple, but fucking class : )

£ The sort of tune you should end a night with (IMHO)


blue jammer - oldies mix 02.mp3 [71.54Mb. 128kbps, run time 78:07]


blue jammer - oldies mix 01 & 02
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I want to download them, but don't want to kill your bandwith seeing as the board is relatively young and I expect you'll get caned with all the new attention.  How long are they staying online for?

blue jammer - oldies mix 01 & 02
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2004, 12:06:21 AM »
Go for it, the first one has been downloaded 220 times, no worries about bandwidth as I'm allowed 70gig a month, and not ran over 20gig yet!

They are both on different servers, so you may start the downloads off at the same time (as I reckoned a lot of folks would do this anyway)

blue jammer - oldies mix 01 & 02
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Love what I've heard of your stuff before, so I'll check these out. Cheers!

(Your CD you sent me is one of the few that's not packed ready to move here:))