Author Topic: Chris Morris wins a BAFTA for Four Lions. Now working on a Lee Atwater biopic?  (Read 5950 times)

The No Known Cure show mentioned in the last udpate, is now available from  This is where to find stuff like that from now on.  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.  Also, thanks to the help of sirhenry, I now have replica No Known Cure badges pressed up, and these are available in return for the submission of old Chris Morris radio shows etc - get in touch at

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Four Lions picked up one of the two BAFTA's it was nominated for.  Chris Morris won the "Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director or Producer Winner in 2011" award, with the Outstanding British Film one being snatched by The King's Speech.  Haven't seen a video yet, but apparently he accepted by text message, while Nigel Lindsay and Adeel Akhtar went on-stage to pick up the BAFTA.  Ridiculous that the only time Lindsay got to pick up an award for Four Lions, was when doing so on behalf of someone else.  You can read a transcript of what happened, here.  That thread also has screenshots of the BAFTA booklet pages on Four Lions, as kindly supplied by someone who has asked to remain anonymous.

There was a rumour circulating on Twitter, the day after the BAFTA's, that Morris hadn't turned up because he 'couldn't miss the last ever episode of Lark Rise To Candleford.'  Someone playing off the 'Chris couldn't be here tonight, as he's too busy watching 24' statement that was given when he won his first Bafta?  Or does Chris Morris just endlessly recycle his own award show excuses?
Morris is still touring around the world to promote the film, having recently appeared in Instanbul for a Q&A that was simulcast across 25 cities.  This was part of the !f İstanbul International Independent Film Festival - anyone reading make it to one of the screenings?

Even given the relentless pace CM is continuing to set with the promotion of Four Lions, it seems he's got a few ideas bubbling for the next project.  One of them is, apparently, radio-flavoured:

Quote from: Film Ireland
As for Morris, he’s carefully tending his next ideas to see which one is going to make it out alive:

‘You get the small pets and lock them in a hot box, then see which one survives. At the moment they’re rattling around and shrieking quite a lot. In a month’s time or so I’ll kind of know which one I’m doing. One of the pets is a little, invisible shriek radio pet. If I open the box and the others are dead, I’ll know it’s a radio idea I have to do.’

However, a thread posted last night by danyulx, indicates that Morris may be working with Jesse Armstrong again, on some kind of biopic about Lee Atwater.  Adam McKay is listed as the producer, which would make it the first film that Morris has been involved with, without Mark Herbert producing.  No mention of Warp Films, either. 

Of course, this is all still speculation, and IMDB can be untrustworthy.  This was certainly true of the information that was being submitted about Nathan Barley.  So does anyone have any more info?  Drop me a line at PM me on the forum, or twitter me at @cookdandbombd or my personal one.  You can also use @Comedyhat to keep up with the latest Comedy Chat forum threads, and new Comedy Chat podcasts.

So, now the fun of trying to verify this stuff begins.  Jack Shaftoe has pointed out a recent Marc Maron interview with Adam McKay, where the Lee Atwater project is apparently confirmed, but there's no mention of Morris.  I'm unsure as to whether Jesse Armstrong is mentioned, but will fire up a clip when I get to that segment. 

jutl has pointed out that Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater story is a good source on info on him.