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Primavera was dead good. 

Highlights: Danny Brown, FKA Twigs, Charlie XCX, Midori Takada, Tim Hecker, Fucked Up, Lizzo, Low
Meh: Guided by Voices, Snail Mail

Lowlights: The stage on the beach and trying to get anywhere in the sand.

Boo: Moving all the cool poster stalls and band merch to make way for Primavera's marketing overlords, getting surveyed on the site for how aware we were of the brands being shoved down our throats made it worse.

I did giggle at Stereolab stating that Ping Pong was a "song about the evils of captialism" whilst having a giant Ray Ban advert beamed across the stage.

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Robyn's full set.

My girlfriend (who is no music fan - her current jams are the Macarena and Black Lace's Superman- over and over again - I think she has the symdrome that she accuses me of having) and listens to music on her phone (the daft twat)  has listened to nothing but Robyn since we got back ... it really was THAT good.

From 43:00 on is fucking awesome.

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Re: Gig 'whores
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Hillage was great last night. His voice is somewhat shot, but fuck me, that boy can still play guitar.
Great slideshow-y backdrop psychedelic thang going on, too. Started off with photos of the world spinning into disaster that ended with THAT The Young Ones scene, just before they all started playing. Light In The Sky was my highlight.

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More Primavera. The full Low set.

They have captured the vibes perfectly with these videos but the sound quality if off. But, my god, they were great live being there.

The noise breakdown starts around 29 mins. It's fucking incredible.

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If you’ve not seen them since they split I can tell you they’re every bit as fun despite missing the original bassist. Caught them a couple years ago and it was a total hits set and Falco was on top form with the stage banter. I was sweating buckets after that one.

I never saw the original line-up. Once saw FotL play in a boat off Bristol which was great fun. Also just realising that there's a big beer festival on that weekend so it's likely I'll have to forgo one of those gigs unless I decide to show up monstrously drunk.

Pere Ubu announced a Dublin show too, as part of a farewell tour apparently. I have about four or five of their albums and thoroughly enjoy at least two of them. Worth going to see?


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Re: Gig 'whores
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I've been to see Meat Puppets twice this week. The first time was in Leeds; a few months ago my mate saw that I was interested on Facebook so he asked me if I'd like to go with him and I booked the tickets. The gig was at Brudenell Social Club. It was a lovely venue; proper friendly Working Mens Club vibe. We arrived just as the support was finishing and found a good spot. I was surprised to find they'd got a keyboard player (and a second guitarist); it was advertised as the original line-up - their drummer Derrick Bostrom hadn't played with them for more than twenty years until recently - so I'd expected it to be just the three of them.

They were absolutely fantastic! Curt Kirkwood's voice has matured nicely from the youthful warble I'm familiar with (I've only heard two of their albums, Meat Puppets II and Up On the Sun from the mid-eighties, the former being one of my all-time favourites); still recognisably the same voice with a grizzled, growly quality. His guitar tone was instantly recognisable, drenched in spiralling analog delay. Cris is a solid and engaging bass player, clearly enjoying himself and really getting into the improvisational bits. The new keyboard player stole the show at times; he was a great when soloing and was really sympathetic and skilful with his supporting parts. The drummer seemed a bit unsure of the structure of some songs and was communicating with the keyboard player a lot, but it didn't detract from his performance.

They played plenty of songs off the two albums I know; I didn't know the first one they played but second was 'Oh, Me', which was wonderful to hear live. Curt was initially having trouble with some feedback in the monitors and angrily told the soundman to turn them off, but once this issue was sorted and the keyboard player signalled that he could hear himself properly, they really started to cook. The crowd was getting into it; they were going mad for the early songs (particularly the ones associated with Nirvana), but were also getting into the less familiar, more country-inflected material - I said to my mate afterwards that it said a lot about their performance that many of the songs I enjoyed most were ones I didn't know.

I particularly loved one tune, a trippy instrumental with an eastern tinged guitar riff that veered off into a long, intense improvisation. I truly drifted off into the music and had a bit of a moment during that one; it reminded me of seeing Gong when I was younger! 'Lost' turned into a lengthy instrumental jam reminiscent of The Grateful Dead which the keyboard player really went to town on, and the title track from 'Up On the Sun' culminated in an avant-garde, delay driven wall of sound that was almost uncomfortably loud and intense. The set went on for more than 90 minutes. Towards the end, 'Lake of Fire' was starting to be conspicuous by its absence, and seemed certain to be the finale when they finally played it. They foxed us by finishing with another song with which I wasn't familiar. The crowd were very enthusiastic and wanted an encore but either the band were knackered after the marathon set or there was a noise curfew issue as the venue is in amongst a housing estate.

It was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. The band were really into it and so were the crowd; both parties were feeding off each other's energy and it made for a really engaging performance. The improvisational bits were inspired and exciting. Afterwards I called my girlfriend, who was at another gig in London, and told her how good it was - they were playing in Manchester where she lives the following day, so we decided to go because she was keen to see them. This time it was at a venue called Rebellion, a scruffy place under a railway arch. The sound quality wasn't great so the crowd seemed a bit less engaged, and consequently their performance lacked some of the energy of the previous night, but it was still a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it.

If you fancy seeing them they're currently in mainland Europe but will be back in England next week, playing the Arts Center in Norwich on the 19th and ULU Live in London on the 20th.
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I'll be seeing them next week in Norwich.
My expectations have been raised.

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The full fucking ace Robyn set is back up. Get your headphones on, get buckled in. It's one of the all time great live hours. Don't skip though it. Just let the whole thing wash over you. :)

40mins in: I'm crying at how fucking beautiful this shit is. You know. xx
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Re: Gig 'whores
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Speaking of Cafe Oto, there's a gig later his month where North Sea Radio Orchestra are covering Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom album with John Greaves of Henry Cow and a few others, so I'm definitely off to see that - are any of the Cardiacs/Wyatt/general prog contingent on here are aware and/or planning to go?

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Was well aware of said gig, but am not going. I'm going to be there in Salisbury next month, though.

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Nick Lowe and Los Straightjackets were ridiculously good.

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Speaking of Cafe Oto, there's a gig later his month where North Sea Radio Orchestra are covering Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom album with John Greaves of Henry Cow and a few others, so I'm definitely off to see that - are any of the Cardiacs/Wyatt/general prog contingent on here are aware and/or planning to go?

I'd love to go, but otherwise engaged.