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Fan (mini) Edits
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The most well know of these have to be the recut trailers, generally they are complete toss. But one or two are brilliant, my favourite being the Ferris Beuller's day off recut to look like a cool indie hipster film.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Recut Trailer
The reason I think it works is that Ferris is a classic and it it were to be remade then I think that would be the exact tone they would go for.

Then there is the other recuts of music videos, take a favourite song and edit a movie underneath. Again my choice is Bon Iver: Skinny love recut the movie Sunrise.
Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Music Video)

I don't think people have used the power and visual impact of Silent Movies enough when making these cuts. Sunrise is cut perfectly and I easily get lost when watching this. I saw APATT perform new material over a showing of Nosferatu a few years ago that was equally compelling.

One I wont link to but is equally brilliant, somebody has recut an old porno to Spiritualized : Out of Sight. It works surprisingly well, you (almost) forget your watching a porno. It's obviously NSFW but can be easily found.

Empire run an annual 'done in 60 seconds' were people reenact films but I have see others that recut them. They are good but just serve to condense a movie for comic effect.

Anybody have any recommendations, particularly Silent Movies that have been recut.

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Re: Fan (mini) Edits
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Here's Taxi Driver as a Romantic Comedy:

Taxi Driver - Recut - Trailer

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Re: Fan (mini) Edits
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I've been watching quite a few of these since you started the thread and there's some great gems out there.

This person's recut Dirty Dancing as a David Lynch movie, and it surprisingly works really well, and captures Lynch's quirky sense of humour as well as the more surreal side to him: If David Lynch directed Dirty Dancing...

Amelie as a horror film works too, bizarrely enough: AMELIE POULAIN - ULTIMATE RECUT TRAILER BY SACHAMAX

And whilst not arty at all, Brokeback To The Future is nicely done here: Brokeback to the Future

Re: Fan (mini) Edits
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Re: Fan (mini) Edits
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Found this rather brilliant Apocalypse Now recut to Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Radiohead ~ Motion Picture Soundtrack (Apocalypse Now)

Just beautiful.