Author Topic: Ougon Musou Kyoko (fighting game)  (Read 1287 times)


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Ougon Musou Kyoko (fighting game)
« on: July 10, 2011, 09:36:38 PM »
Not sure if this really worth a whole topic, but it's probably better than bumping up the top 1000 games thread without adding to it.

A while a go, I wrote about this doujin fighting game in the top 1000 thread, and it garnered a bit of interest, and since the are a few fighting buffs on this site, I thought it might be of interest to note a couple of updates. If you like fighting games, I suggest you give it a go. I'm no fighting boffin myself, just a casual who enjoys them, but I've heard it's pretty interesting for experts, if a bit unbalanced at the moment.

Anyway, there's a port for the 360 coming out soon. That would be of little interest normally, since it'll likely be region locked, but they are updating the PC version to add the extra characters. In the last couple of days they added Jessica Ushiromiya, in an update, and they will probably add George and Rosa in the coming months.

Also there is a sequel in the works as well, which will probably adding a bunch more characters most likely drawing from the characters that are introduced in the Chiru episodes. That's due out at one of the next Comic Markets, but I suspect that it's unlikely it'll be ready for Natsucomi with the work going on for the 360 port.