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I do like those Voivod albums a lot, particularly Nothingface, although I have to say I've never really got into the other albums. I don't have a natural "metal" ear if you see what I mean - I'm much more attuned to punkier sounds (Victim's Family, NoMeansNo) rather than metally ones. But again, we can all find a natural home in Cardiacs!

And bloody hell, Mark Cawthra's Redbus Noface album is a thing of immense beauty, perhaps one of the finest albums to spring from the Cardiacs stable in many a year! That first track, Fly She, actually stopped me in my tracks as it's rich and powerful layers washed over me.

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Seen 'em lots of times over the past decade.  Highlights include Whitchurch 2001 (show opened with Jim standing alone on stage silently for about 5 minutes). Astoria 2001 (Dirty Boy's live debut!) and Manchester about 2004-ish supporting The Wildhearts (unfamiliar audience really made them up their game).  Ooh - and ... lots of other things too...

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Camden Falcon late January 1999, three nights in a row...I can die happy.

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Has everyone heard the exciting news about what's happening on November 12th?

On November 12th Believers Roast will be staging Roast Fest, a free all-day event with performances by:

Sanguine Hum
William D Drake
Stars In Battledress
Redbus Noface
Arch Garrison
Matt Stevens
Admirals Hard

A companion to this unlikely celebration of beautiful and unusual British music, The Central Element (BR006) is a limited edition compilation album containing exclusive songs unavailable anywhere else by all the above artists. In addition to this The Central Element features a previously unreleased song by The Monsoon Bassoon from the forthcoming complete studio recordings box-set on Believers Roast.

The Central Element will be released on the 31st of October and is only available through The Genepool.

The limited pressing will be dictated by the amount of pre-orders received.

Once sold out The Central Element will not be re-pressed.

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for ages my parents had been seeing cardiacs live every year around december but the year i finally got into them was the year tim got ill

however when i was little and my parents used to play cardiacs music in the car i used to find it really disturbing and kind of creepy circusy, i hated it, it sounded wonky, now i luvit

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Has everyone heard the exciting news about what's happening on November 12th?

Yep, heard about this a couple of days ago - I'm there!!!

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Of possible interest to us Cardiacs fans if you've not seen this before...

Jon Poole on Quiz Show with TV's Chris Tarrant

Jon Poole Supporting Wife on Lottery Show with TV's Dale Winton

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Shhhhhh..... FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION - I (LES TRUNKWELL - Radio Lunchtime) am currently in discussions to stage a Cardiacs Christmas frenzy in a London venue in which Cardiacs recordings will be blasted at fans at battle level. All proceeds are going to Tim via him who is Jim.
I have been marginally connected with the band for many years and I am sorely missing the noises, smells, fear and yes, the loyal fans.
If successful, and I enjoy it enough, it may become an annual affair. Who knows it could even visit your town or village.
Advanced, on line tickets, pay on door all being considered. The gig will be as close to a live gig as I can create and there may even be an ordinary shop girl. 
I am sure Mr Smith (who was 50 this year) will be told of our toil. Lets send him some birthday spending money for Christmas. Date TBC.
Interested ??? please post here.

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I'm finding it tough going personally, almost infantile but I'm sure it will grow.  The new NSRO album is fantastic, I can see them breaking into bigger things with this.

Talking of Sea Nymphs, have a live Peel session version of Lilly Whites Party

That is fantastic.  Have you heard Sea Snake Beware (that was from a Peel Session, I think)? If anyone's having problems finding their stuff, let me know.

I find the Cardiacs maddening, sublime, but a bit discordant a lot of the time.  I think the band are highly intelligent, masterful musicians and they have to push the envelope to stop themselves getting bored.

I saw them at the Stonehenge fest in '84, and again in about 93, supported by Levitation.

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Check out the brilliantly cheap and cheerful video for this new song from Kavus's band Knifeworld:

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It's delightful to find that my fervour for both Cardiacs and Chris Morris is shared by others, as evidenced by the presence of this thread - what a niche we must be! Now I'm going to spoil it all by posting an advert. It is relevant, though, and I hope you don't feel I've hijacked the thread - normal service may resume immediately hereafter. Here goes:


The Display Team will soon be short of a singing guitarist. We're looking for a new one, ideally someone who likes musical experimentation, the power and vigour of punk, and the homemade vegan cakes my mum keeps giving me when we go on tour. We're also not averse to the cream of metal, funk, jazz, whatever - but this isn't one of those 'look what we can play' bands, so show-offs need not apply.
We rehearse in London (Deptford), play around the UK and across Europe (so far) on a DIY basis. We're almost ready to record our second album (the first, 'Drones', came out on independent label Genin Records) and are itching to do more!

Do you like
THE BEACH BOYS (for the harmonies, kaftans and key changes)
or, indeed, anything at all, you SWINE?

Well, get in touch. It would be advantageous to have your own gear, ideas, a good ear, enthusiasm and no egotistical designs on being 'the frontman' - we're all the frontman. A driving licence would also be a boon but is by no means essential. Age, 'image', gender etc. are irrelevant; we want to make music with you, not babies.

You can hear us here:

and then contact us here:

thedisplayteam followed by @ and then swiftly bring to a close with

There, it's done. I know it's bad form to do that, but scanning the other thread titles, I didn't feel my band deserved a whole thread of their own, and besides, all the best people are already here, reading this one. Get in touch if you're interested, otherwise let's get back to talking about Cardiacs. They're my fave band, I love 'em, and I first heard them in the (then-grotty, now gentrified) South London hovel The Goldsmiths Tavern; the DJ, an old teddy-boy punk-type geezer, put on the 'Big Ship' EP, and I realised that I'd found the music that I'd always wanted to hear. It was magical.

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Well, in hang-my-head-in-shame news, I realised I'd never heard anything by them. Or had, years ago, and had completely forgotten about it. Or did last month and forgot about that.

Anyway, I just popped on "Sing To God", preparing to do stuff round the house with a record on in the background, and fuck me but it's brilliant. I have been obliged to not do anything but listen to it, for the first of several times today no doubt. Hurrah!


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Bill Drake, Mark Cawthra and several other splendid musicians in session on the Mark Riley show.

Ends with a cracking performance of To My Piano Forte from Mr & Mrs Smith & Mr Drake

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'Tis always with a degree of trepidation that I click on the bumped-up Cardiacs thread...

...but thanks for the 'heads up' as they say! I look forward to giving this a good old listen!

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Thanks for that, dude. I'll check it out.

Spent the last month getting hugely, obsessively into this band. What's the general opinion on Guns? I haven't heard much of it, but I've heard some people saying it's not as good as their other stuff.

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Yes, the response to Guns wasn't perhaps generally quite as warm as the fans' responses to other Cardiacs artifacts, but it's still an astoundingly brilliant slab of utterly warped Cardiacs music- it grabbed me by the jaffers first time, I can tell you!


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Anyone fans here of Tom Waits/Cardiacs influenced, Norwegians, Major Parkinson?



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Aside from randomly downloading "The Duck and Roger the Horse" from Audiogalaxy in 200-andgoshoff, and viewing a few youtube vids of, most certainly, excellent pactice sessions, i have very little knowledge of the Cardiacs.

I love Bungle, Time of Orchids, "Punk" etc, as some kind of reference point.

But where do i start in terms of re-approachment to the Cardiacs??

God i sound like a dick.


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Personally I love Sing to God Parts I & II, which contain some of their more 'stylish' and anthemic work.  Guns as mentioned above is more raw and 'pronk'

A lot of their back catalogue is available on iTunes now, CD & Vinyl goes for silly money as it's long been out of print and tricky to find.

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Sing to God Parts I & II are probably, ultimately, my favourite studio albums, featuring as they do a much broader range of, er, noises and things, but it's hard to deny that A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window and On Land and in the Sea are two stone-cold classics. However, Heaven Born and Ever Bright is fantastic too, although again, like Guns, it enjoys a somewhat under-appreciated status in the Cardiacs canon. Coming hot on the heels of the theatrical and proggy sound of ALMAAHATWWW and OLAITS, HBAEB wrong-footed fans with its much more stripped-down sound. It also ushered in a 'new look' Cardiacs, with many key members (Tim Quy and, of course, William D. Drake) no longer in the band, with a focus on creating, as Sproggy put it, much more stylish and anthemic work. I would also strongly, strongly recommend seeking out The Special Garage Concerts Volumes I & Vol II on which they reworked a number of ancient Cardiacs songs to magnificent, jaw-dropping effect.

Basically, there's nothing in the Cardiacs back catalogue that isn't worth checking out. I love Cardiacs, they are my favourite band, and I truly, sincerely hope that Tim Smith is one day finally recognised as one of the most brilliant musical minds this country - or any country - has ever spawned!

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You could look at it in the way from the HBEB album, (end of 'Classic' era start of 'rock' band era), there is a shift from the band seeming more 'musical hall' to being more of a guitar rock band? 

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Personally I love Sing to God Parts I & II, which contain some of their more 'stylish' and anthemic work.

Sing to God Parts I & II are probably, ultimately, my favourite studio albums,

Agree, definitely my fave of theirs. I'm sure I read somewhere that all the drums on it were programmed/drum machine - not sure if that's true but if it is, just makes me appreciate it even more as they sound fantastic.

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Guns contains some of my favourite Cardiacs songs ever.  Signs, Wind and Rains is Cold, Sleep All Eyes Open and the wholly astounding Jitterbug (Junior is a).  The slow dreamy coda to this last track is one of the most remarkable bits of music ever.  Like a lot of Cardiacs material, it just sort of washes over you the first few times you hear it, but then the next time ... everything suddenly makes sense and it's like fireworks going off in your head.


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I LOVE fireworks going off in my head! (I really do).

Thanks team.

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By going to William D. Drake's website you can get a free download of his latest tune, (you're asked to sign up to a mailing list, but you can unsubscribe later).

edit. Olarrio, look up the recent covers album 'A Tribute To Tim Smith', as there are some lovely versions of their tunes but more importantly, proceeds go directly to Tim and help in his recouperation.

Always worth checking out Jibber and Twitch Rehersal As cold as can be in an English sea Rehersal Jim's shame (excerpt) Rehersal

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In kinda-related news, those lovely power-poppers Eureka Machines are donating a tenth of proceeds from the Pledge Music campaign for their next album to Tim's medical expenses.

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I've been trying to find where I can acquire their cover of Suzannah's Still Alive, but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have any leads? The video's on Youtube, but I want it on my iPod.

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As much as I know this cover version was only released as a single, (maybe a 12" single)?
I'll ask my mate, (who knows Tim and has been recorded by him a couple of times in the past), if he knows if there's a better copy out there somewhere?

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Quick, get it while this link still works:

It was both a 7" single and on an LP called "Shangri-La: A Tribute To The Kinks", which I think was some kind of bargain basement covers album featuring many long-forgotten bands of the day(Cud are also on there doing "Lola").

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Phil_A - many thanks, yes that still works. 

I don't know if you, or others, have this but I do have a radio session 'the Barn sessions', with rocking versions of The Breakfast line, Big Ship, Duck & Rodger the Horse and one more tune I simply cannot recall the name of.

If no-one has this already uploaded as a file I'll get it sorted.

Just done it, hopefully it will work? (Yep, just tried, it does).

One more edit.  Line is Tim, Jim, Karvus and Stuffy (from Stuffy & the Fuses, Scaramanga Six on drums).  Recorded a few years back for a Sheffield radio station.
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