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Crazy, Stupid, Title.
« on: October 20, 2011, 07:28:20 PM »
Or Crazy, Stupid, Love as it wants to be known. Definitely one for the bad film names thread, and not my usual fare at all, only went to see it because I can't stop wanting to stare at Ryan Gosling, but I really enjoyed it. It does employ a lot of romcom cliches, but nicely twists plenty of others, and there's some great very quick moments ([spoiler]Jacob's reaction to Cal's velcro wallet, the vibrating chair)[/spoiler] that are almost cartoon paced, which I liked.
On a pedantic note, [spoiler]the 'twist' is a a total cliche, and also the fact that Cal definitely says 'I have 2 kids' to Marisa Tomei and maybe one other time too, is kind if cheating[/spoiler] but it was much better than I though it was going to be, despite RG being a little underused imo (although I've probably just been spoilt by watching Drive and Half Nelson in quick succession.)
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