Author Topic: Where do you go for your Youtube game reviews?  (Read 618 times)


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Where do you go for your Youtube game reviews?
« on: November 01, 2011, 04:26:58 PM »
I was just observing myself the other day and realised that I do the same routine almost every time I'm thinking of buying a game. I begin with my Amazon wish list which is a holding pen for things I might be interested in and will come back to. I then look at the pictures, read a few buyer reviews and think about watching the videos, then go to Youtube and get better reviews there.

I tend to look at the two biggies IGN and Gamespot if they turn up on the first page of the YT search results and prioritise any review that is in HD 720. But increasingly I find that my reference is becoming Classic Game Room. I think the guy is quite amusing and irreverent, doesn't seem to have any particular allegiance and he goes into details that I generally want to know about.

Not so keen on the CGR Undertow guys, but well it's all free peeks at games before you buy so one can't complain too much.


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Re: Where do you go for your Youtube game reviews?
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2011, 05:58:14 PM »
I've only found their channel moderately recently but BitSocket has filled the void for me that Consolevania / Videogaiden left -

And for my classic hardware & software fix Lazy Game Reviews has a whole wealth of information on his channel -

I used to subscribe to Classic Game Room but his patter over the last few months really started to grate a little too much. He reviews a vast variety of stuff and with frequent updates but it started to become more about him trying to crack jokes or go off at unrelated tangents and less about the things he was actually reviewing so I unsubscribed a couple of months back.