Author Topic: !!!VOTE FINALLY, VOTE!!! Round One - Timmay vs Frinky !!!VOTE FINALLY, VOTE!!!  (Read 4896 times)


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Sorry Timmay, but Frinky gets my vote this time. T'was bloody close though.

fanny splendid

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Timmay, but is was very close.


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Frinky. More birds in his pictures.
If it's not too late.


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I make that 4-11 to the Frinkster so far. Doing this saves me having to run through and count all the votes again.

Two and a bit hours left.


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Timmay, mainly for the Kilroy and his Chav Army vs. the Metropolitan √Člite; also, Frinky, a spot of dodginess going on there with the inclusion of  mook's mong, and you didn't even fit him in front of the blackboard properly. Even a chalk cock can't save you from that ignominy.