Author Topic: ** VOTE VOTE** Round One : mr rou-rou versus plank ** expires Monday 21st noon  (Read 5340 times)

I'm just retensioning my racket and then I'll spank you a serve.

get your lob on

if you want any of the layers let me know, everything is on a seperate layer to save you trying to hack something out of the flattened image.

Served Sir! I'll sleep on it and lob one back at you in the morning.


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Oof, a controversial serve, there. Some may say it raises a lot of points but on the other hand, many peope hold the opinion that if mother nature didn't want what she's getting then she'd have not have let everyone on so much. If you believe in mother nature then you believe in supernatural/predetermied forces. if you believe in that and think we, as mortals, are crushing and/or abusing mother nature... then not only are you a bit of a weirdo, but your logic is flawed. It's like you believing in superman but thinking Richard Pryor really calls the shots. Work that one out.

Rou-Rou gets a code violation: Ball abuse. I take that "good luck" piccy to be sarcastic.

shut it you mentalist


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It's not sarcastic!  It's a piece of genuine good sportsmanship!

There you go, mr rou-rou - I think I fooled them.

yes, it was in the name of sportsmongship,

Plank, I look forward to trying to limp wrist your mighty return back over the netting.

Phew, I thought my mouse was dead for a while there.

edit: I made a slight adjustment to the chuckle brothers. Sorry.

aaaiieee the chuckle brothers, it's like mong Kryptonite, I'm powerless

breaking out Patty Moore so early on in the tournament, he featured in the last tennis match I was beaten in, I think I’ve found my nemesis

blathering aside, I'll ping one back later :) nice shot

Lt Plonker

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Wonderful, Plank. :)

Come on mr rou-rou, get in there, my son.

Both bloody brilliant.


You've done it again! Just as I was about to turn in for the night you hit me with yet another erotically charged masterpiece. It looks like I'm going to have to up the sauce rate to stay in the game.


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Yeah, as if I mean anything... I was just trying to play a role.

To be fair though, it is a role I've been appointed... I could feasibly punish you (splat) for abusing your umpire. Give us all a mong which convinces everyone that you are willing to abide by the rules, and you might not be punished.

The run of play is unaffected.


you old romantic :)

I notice you knock them back to me when I'm eating my lunch, is this in an attempt to starve me?

I'll have to wait until you are in your pyjamas before posting, just so you have a restless night.

Well, that'll be my mind wandering this afternoon at work thinking of how to play my final stroke


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Heh! "Just wanna be loved by rou."

I like.

Quote from: "mr rou-rou"

I'll have to wait until you are in your pyjamas before posting, just so you have a restless night.

Just so you know, I kept singing "chuckle fetish chuckle-chuckle fetish, ch-chuckle fetish" in my head while trying to drift off to sleep. Bastard :)

best match so far

Blimey, this Plank is a bit of a dark horse isn't he? Who does he think he is, waltzing into Wimblemong and giving Rou a fight like this? Bloody excellent game you two.


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Wonderful match so far. This is going to be tricky.

Gazzyk1ns, stick to what you do best, that's talking about underage sex and posting obscene MSN conversations.

I'm unconvinced as to the quality of this game; the serve was simply cynical, no two ways about it, and the reply was a fairly standard backhand.   It was with his second shot that Mr Rou Rou showed why he is among the favourites with Ladbrokes and why when he started arguing in last year's tournament, the entire thing just collapsed around him.  Rou Rou is one of those competitors who is simply bigger than the game itself.

That said, Plankly's second reply was a calm and collected effort which showed great promise; it's just too late in the game and I think the young lad's getting tired.  Let's see what these two can conjur up with their remaining shots.


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Naah, I don't buy that. I really like Plank's first return because instead of just disregarding the last image entirely like what happens in most games, he develops on the serve whilst adding his own stuff.

In too many shots it's not obvious what has been used from the last one and it gives the match no flow. Thankfully, however, this is not the case here.

Yep, it's the best match so far.

Great to see you back Morgan!

"Happy mealtime mr president"

I'm spent dahling :)

- - -

finally Morgan, you took your sweet time, nice commentary :)

Right, I'm dreaming of sexy meatballs tonight then. Thanks.

sweet man, I know when I'm licked :)

I better invite the whores in to stick flags in us

Sorry, it has to be plank


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Plank.  Very close but the pop-art chuckle brothers was superb

(I'm nicking that by the way)