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round 1 ~ poison popcorn vs benny j fish

Started by poison popcorn, June 15, 2004, 02:44:04 AM

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poison popcorn

still no word from benny j fish, i pm'd him earlier. i'll mong up first then...


edit: weird, the filename changed from tennis1.1.jpg to tennis1.jpg...? it must have shown up at some stage though as some folks saw it. i'm wondering if this machine's playing silly buggers, it seems to have installed an annoying 'isearch' toolbar that appears on every fucking page i open, and it freezes up more than usual too...

anyway here's the pic again (scanned for virii)

edit again: poor stupid me missed out part of the filepath...


That's brilliant!  It has some twisted form of mythic resonance.  I love it.


Haha, that sign on the cage is even funnier than Rats' 'NEW'.

poison popcorn

this is really weird... just uploaded the pic to my graffiti account and it won't show, but the boomspeed one does now, even with the wrong filename...

i'm off to bash my head against a wall for a bit.

Rubbish Monkey

Quote from: "poison popcorn"installed an annoying 'isearch' toolbar that appears on every fucking page i open, and it freezes up more than usual too...

scan for spyware, baby.

i did my computer yesterday and had hundreds of the buggers. Unfortantly the program i used wont get rid of em without me having to pay. grrrrrrrrrr.

a mate of mine told me spybot off the pcmag website was a good i give that a whirl later. oh yeah and i can see your pic just fine (from the photobucket account) nice work btw.

poison popcorn

yup, i just did a scan with an updated adaware 6 and that got the fucker. just had a look on photobucket and somehow it saved it without the ".1" at the end. ah well, normal service has been resumed.

still no sign of benny though...


Has Benny actually logged on, and read the PMs that have been sent to him? Ie. have they moved from your Outbox, to Sent Items?

If not, might this be the time for the mighty Fanny to take the podium, as AY suggested?

poison popcorn

just checked, it's sitting there in the outbox. when i didn't see it in sent items i thought i must have dreamed sending it for a second...

if fanny wants to play that's fine by me. shall we give benny, ooh say, 10 seconds to put in an appearance?

ah, that's hardly fair is it... say lunchtime?


Well.  Maybe it was the intense seasonal conditions, El Nino or whatever, but that's not the most concise serve I've ever seen.  It's not the least concise either, let me tell you that now; it's effective to a certain point and I for one definitely want poison popcorn to progress, having been a fan of his style for a long time.  But surely he wants to WIN his way through to the second round?

poison popcorn

"umpire and players find pp asleep under the net yesterday."

what's happening here then, a bout of speed tennis before tomorrow or can i get some more shut eye?


No sign of the fish, so Fan-ney, Fan-ney.

Yay or nay? We need to decide in the next 22 minutes.


I don't know mate.. Benny's last post was on the 6th june, a fair old while ago now innit.

I think the rules state that after the cut off period for the game, we get to vote on the shots available, if Benny hasn't made any then you're through me old flower.

poison popcorn

shall we just vote then? i vote benny j fish for his refreshing minimalist approach.


That was a good serve, PP. It's a shame Benny was sleeping with the fishes & we couldn't see how this match worked out.

I think it's fair to say he forfeits..


If I recall, Benny was a late starter at the last tournament - he had Glandular Fever or something.  I say we health screen players next year, to weed out all the suckers.

Nice shot anyway PP.