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A Perfect Murder (1998)
« on: April 23, 2012, 05:23:26 PM »
I decided to give this rewatch last night after not seeing it since around the time of its release. Back then it seemed rather a slick thriller.

However it appears now to have the production values of an early season CSI/Law&Order.

What's more, the plot is creakier than an old floorboard, all three main protagonists at point required to act in a way completely at odds with the latest bit of exposition thrown their way.

And at the end [spoiler]his stock market failings seem like a redundant fallback position, and his death is yawnsomely predictable.[/spoiler] There were so many more potentially interesting directions it could've taken.

Oh and it features David Suchet as this sort of half-sketched-out all-seeing Detective who seems to speak some language I couldn't quite make out.

It seemed to be stuck inbetween wanting to be a properly idiotic Verhoeven-style clusterfuck movie and wanting to be all stylish and modern. Maybe this is all just glimpsed through the unkind window of time.

So was this ever considered reasonable, or just schlock from the beginning?
And as a side issue, is every film centred around Michael Douglas just inherently rather silly?