Author Topic: The Kinks Have A Village Green Appreciation Thread  (Read 503 times)

The Kinks Have A Village Green Appreciation Thread
« on: July 01, 2004, 10:58:57 AM »
I am shocked and dismayed that none of yers have mentioned this little beauty yet: A (more-or-less) complete version of one of the finest, criminally-underrated albums ever made, ever, evaaar. I got mine on Tuesday and it was as cheap as I don't know what and for once Sanctuary haven't buggered up the remaster, so you have no excuse for not getting it. The only downside is there's more inanity from 'Uncle' Brian Matthew to endure on the BBC cuts.
There are samples there, so just you have a listen to Misty Water, go on,  and then as Jimi nearly said, *you will never hear Blur's music again*. It's just a shame they aren't offering Rosemary Rose as a sample so you can melt into a gooey puddle at your keyboard, RIGHT NOW. *

Other than that I simply haven't the words yet, you'll be relieved to learn. Any of you cats or catesses got any about it, or just about The Kinks in general? I  promise to join in again as soon as words stop failing me.

* I like this album, me