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Republic of Loose
« on: July 01, 2004, 03:37:37 PM »
That nice Mr Radcliffe has played a terriffic track on his wireless show called Hold Up! by Republic of Loose, which I thought was worthy of more attention.

My feeble attempts to find a MP3 of it have failed, but seen as I have no idea how such things work, you may be better off trying to get hold of it yourself.  This may or may not be helpful.

Republic Of Loose are a five piece from Dublin who have already had gongs lavished upon them for their debut Irish single 'Girl I'm Gonna Fuck You Up'. They have a sound that, by their own admission, is heavily influenced by Rick James, The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson. The lazy funked up bass and the rock flourishes that run through 'This Is The Tomb Of The Juice' carry a good time vibe but with menacing overtones. Vocally this album features smooth harmonies, floating falsettos and earthy bass bringing added variety and depth. Republic Of Loose are as if the Ink Spots had been orchestrated by Isaac Hayes and (a young) Mick Jagger.

I think Hold Up also has something of a Captain Beefheart meets Talking Heads type of vibe shennanigans going on - particularly the latter.

The walbum looks like this:

And there's more sounds here, which may or may not be gash, as I've not had chance to listen to them yet.

If no other bits and bobs exist, you should be able to listen to Hold Up on Tuesday's "Listen Again" option here