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Re: Yuno what it is [autumn anime]
« Reply #60 on: December 21, 2012, 08:39:02 PM »

First I get Doom 3 for £7, then I finish work for the year, then this.  Best day ever?


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« Reply #61 on: December 24, 2012, 01:00:22 AM »
Would you believe it, I lost my answers for the quiz, so I'm going to have to remember them all. I'm not going to spoiler the answers, but I will do a sort of commentary on each answer.

1. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! - The show about irresponabilty taking on children who aren't yours. I quite enjoyed it, despite it potentailly being a bit creepy, it largely avoids it. Compare Usagi Drop.
2. Another - Genuninly creepy horror show. I was hoping to wrong foot people here, because of the eye patch people might confuse it with Chunibyou. However, I couldn't find a scene ambigous enough/
3. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - Pretty easy one really. I tried not to use sequels for the new anime, but I remembered this was actually the third after a couple of series of flash shorts.
4. Tasogare Otome × Amensia - An overlooked comedy series in my mind. From director Shin Oonuma, whom IIRC has some SHAFT pedigree, and it's clearly visible in this series.
5. Binbougami ga - Another easy one. Was a real candiate for the cameo round with all it's Weekly Shounen Jump references.
6. Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita - Mad comedy series, and perhaps one of my favourites of the year. Was surprisingly difficult to find a decent screen shot, and I hunted through 3 episodes before I was happy with this one.
7. Sword Art Online - Obligatory popular series. I'm really not a fan of it, but it's hugely popular in some circles. I didn't want to spend too long searching for a picture, so this was a quick one which has the two main characters and swords visible.
8. Sakamichi no Apollon - Probably my attempt to get a series from my favoured noitanimA block in here. I really should done better with this one and found a shot of them doing some freestyle jazz.
9. Ixion Saga DT - A series that took me by surprise, and really has all the elements of being awful, but consistently makes me laugh. This shot has the main character trying to fight not only his rival, but also being glowing and having constant stiffie. Juvenile, but I love it.
10. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - Absolutely vile title, but inside is acutally quite a good series. The premise will probably put many people off, but there's completely non-indicative of the turns this show takes.
11. The Big O - Probably quite difficult to get this one unless you've seen it. Probably best remember as sharing similar asthetics to that Batman cartoon from the nineties.
12. Amagami SS - An interesting take on adapting visual novels with branching route, just make a small arc for each of them. They are all set at, or at least start at, christmas but this shot is probably one of the most christmasy.
13. B Gata H Kei - This one came to me as I was flicking through it's manga. It wasn't the shot I acutally wanted to use, but the one I wanted, Yamada wrapped up in a present, didn't look really look Christmasy.
14. Kodomo no Omocha - A deceptive shot, as it's not Xmas present Sana is giving but a birthday present. The background is christmasy enough.
15. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Difficult to find a well framed shot for this one. If couldn't have put it in this section, I would have put it in the new anime section.
16. Majokko Tsukune-chan - An OVA from a while back from the good old parody Mahou-Shoujo genre. Not depicted Santa-Kaiser used to defeat the Evil Santa who killed Good Santa.
17. Busou Shinki - A really forgetable series, but when I saw in the listings that a Christmas episode was coming up, I had to use it.
18. Shiro-Kuma Cafe - There was a couple of episodes featuring Christmas, but I liked this one because it features Grizzly getting pissed off.
19. Gintama - There's tons of Gintama Christmas material, but this one was picked because it was the first one I saw, and I loved the episodes it comes from.
20. Uchu Kyoudai - I kept forgetting this one existed because it came from an episode relatively early in the year. Mutta gets a job as a mall Santa.
21. Hayate no Gotoku! - The real inspiriation for this round, after rewatching the series. Clearly showing Kagami from Lucky Star. For what it's worth, Emiri Katou even provides her voice in this scene.
22. Zettai Karen Children - From the same production staff as Hayate no Gotoku!, they give the characters a bunch of cameos. In this episode, it probably features the most voiced cameos.
23. Natsu no Arashi - Was really difficult to get a good shot of this one, but the sequence features most of the main characters of School Rumble. Disappointly, most of them were off-model.
24. Mayo Chiki - A couple of characters tail another character in disguise as other Media Factory light novel charcters. I purposely picked this shot as it focuses on the Hidan no Aria one. There other is dressed as Natsuru from Kampfer.
25. Asobi ni Ikuyo - This series features loads of cameos, and posters of other series, but this shot here features Natsuru from Kampfer. I believe there were a couple of other Kampfer cameos.
26. Equal Romance by Prière - Cover of 2nd Ranma 1/2 ED - An oldish one by most stanadards. Used as the ED for Digi Charat Nyo.
27. Zangoku na Tenshi no Teze by Hinagiku Katsura (c.v. Shizuka Itou) - Cover of Neon Genesis Evangelion OP - From a CD of Hayate no Gotoku characters covering anime songs, but this one actually appeared in the series proper.
28. Hanamaru Sensation by Hatsune Miku - Cover of 1st Kodomo no Jikan ED - From a CD of Vocaloid covers of Lantis published songs, VocaLanitis. It was a tough choice, as there were loads of good candiates on it.
29. Renai Circulation by Iori Minase (c.v. Rie Kugimiya) - Cover of 4th Bakemonogatari OP - Like the example, this from a mini album where Idolmaster characters cover all the Bakemonogatari OPs. They are all rather mismatched unfortuantly.
30. Asterisk by SCANDAL - Cover of 1st Bleach OP - The B side of Bleach's last OP single. There were actually two editions of the single, and the other had a different Bleach OP as a B side, Alones IIRC.
31. Clannad After Story - 7-5-3 celebration - Anymore discussion of this would be a huge spoiler, since this comes from right at the end of the series.
32. Haruhi-chan - Setsubun - There was a better example of this celebration, but I forgot and settled for this.
33. Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Halloween - An excuse to put in one of my favourite series in here. A censored shot, because it's taken from the TV broadcast, and I can't take screenshot from BDs.
34. Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki - Obon - An absoultely awful shot. I really shouldn't have used it. You couldn't tell what series it comes from because there are no characters in shot, and it actually says "Obon" in the shot.
35. Kimi ni Todoke - Hatsumode/New Year - I was hoping for a bit more of an indictive shot here, but hopefully the whole winter gear and bell ringing at a shrine gives an idea of what it's supposed to be.
36. Midori no Hibi - A wanking joke made into a romantic comedy, this series is.
37. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha - The famous Mahou Shoujo series. Not by favourite version of it, the movie is much better.
38. Ninin ga Shinbouden - A crazy gag series about ninjas. The art style betrays the joke content.
39. Uta-Kata - A bit of deconstruction of what it means to be a Mahou Shoujo. Does cop out a bit towards the end, but also quite dark.
40. Maria-sama ga Miteru - Probably one of the most famous scenes, is actually completely obscured in the actual episode, so I had to make do with the photograph that was taken of the event.
41. Yakitate Japan! - I don't have any usable video for screenshot for this series, so this was GIS'd. The series is worth seeing though, being a parody of Shounen fighting anime, but the twist being it's all about making delicious bread. Including bread that tastes so good it takes you back in time. Literally.
42. Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai - I really can't remember much about this series. I guess these are a couple of main characters, as I took it from the OP.
43. Girls Bravo - This scene comes from the OP, but it would difficult finding any work safe images from this series.
44. Tsukuyomi - Finally a SHAFT series. OK, OK they worked on some others here, but the first helmed by Shinbou and what we come to expect from that stable.
45. Paranoia Agent - The infamous Shounen Bat from the late Satoshi Kon's TV series. Really quite difficult to get this shot because it's like only a few frames.
Oh, and the mystery link; they were all TV series that debuted in 2004.
I don't really have much to say about the new series, so I'll just list the answers.
46. GJ-bu (Good Job-bu)
47. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 
48. Senran Kagura
49. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya
50. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko

I did really enjoy putting this quiz together, and indeed re-going over it for the answers. However, I don't think I'll being doing anything like it again, because it just took too long for a small audience, and it's too rough to publish to a wider community.

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Re: Yuno what it is [autumn anime]
« Reply #62 on: December 24, 2012, 01:16:17 AM »
BTW, Ghibli Museum was very cool, but they weren't showing the Mei & Catbus short, it was a (sweet) 'mice do sumo' story. Don't know if this is new or everyone is aware of its existence already. Also if you go don't order the pear sorbet ice-cream it's just like tasteless slush.

Re: Yuno what it is [autumn anime]
« Reply #63 on: January 01, 2013, 09:14:10 PM »

Possibly a slightly better one by searching "Mei to Koneko basu BakaBT", although it could be the same source.

I just want to say I love you.