Author Topic: Little & Large Xmas special 1980. Extraordinary.  (Read 265050 times)


  • Lil nonsense now+then relished by the wisest men.

Tags: GEE MUSKY "Say goodnight, Syd!" "Goodnight, Syd!" Stands back in amazement Not as good as The Wire Pathetic Tit and Fat Cunt Syd finds blood in his urine while Eddie watches, laughing Eddie gleefully shows Syd videos of his affair with Syd's wife Eddie hands pictues of Syd's shrivelled penis around studio Eddie stamps on Syd's birthday cake in big, shitty boots Eddie scratches 'Cancerous Cunt' onto Syd's windscreen Eddie puts kiddie porn on Syd's laptop and phones the papers Eddie spits in Syd's face at Syd's mum's fueral Wild-eyed Eddie grins while emptying ashtray into Syd's mouth Syd has a nervous breakdown while Eddie pisses into his collar Eddie uses Syd's arsehole like a cunt Eddie stubs his cigar out on Syd's arm, to rapturous applause Eddie leads the audience in a song called Slit Your Wrists, Syd Eddie ties a cord around Syd's balls, tightening it each day Eddie sews Syds areshole closed and keeps feeding him and feeding him Eddie kills Syd's dog and eats it in front of him, laughing Eddie forces Syd to suck on a gun like a big cock Eddie tea-bags Syd's late wife - at her funeral Eddie throws a pint of cum at Syd's daughter Eddie shoves a bloated finger deep into Syd's urethra Eddie ties Syd down and fists him up to the elbow Syd pisses in Eddie's cornflakes, but then Eddie swaps bowls Eddie frames Syd for 9/11 Eddie slowly crushes Syd's glans in a car-compactor Eddie stretches his foreskin over Syd's face, down to the chin Eddie milks Syd's prostate with a rusty coathanger Eddie draws a big spunking cock on Syd's forehead Eddie eats a kilo of turds and regurgitates them all over Syd Syd tries to slash his wrists, but Eddie nicks his razor blades Eddie puts Syd into a decompression chamber till he pops Eddie bums Syd while wearing Garfield as a condom Eddie strips Syd naked and then dumps him outside Harrods Eddie uses Syd as an ashtray Eddie dresses up as Deputy Dawg and mouth-rapes Syd "Rock on Sydneh!" Eddie kicks Syd up the bum Eddie something something Syd something something PAIN Eddie works his Tobasco-covered fist slowly down Syd's urethra Eddie takes a big shit in Syd's toilet at his wife's wake Eddie puts a snake in Syd's bed, then drugs him Snoozo Musky gee Syd Little's.... Timing. Eddie curbstomps Syd then makes him gnaw on the bones of his dead wife Eddie injects sodium bicarbonate into Syd's eyes, wanking Eddie coils his scrotum around Syd and mummifies him Eddie drops a fat sweaty log into Syd's favourite coffee mug Eddie burns Syd to death in a large wicker microphone Eddie makes Syd fully understand the concept of 'pegging' Eddie does a line of bisto and forces Cannon and Ball to spitroast Syd Eddie fish-hooks Syd in front of an industrial fan, exposing his skull Eddie staples Syd's eyelids open and throws him in a salt mine Eddie buries Syd up to his neck on a beach and farts in his mouth Eddie calls Syd at the airport and shouts BOMB down the phone Eddie scrapes smegma from his priapistic phimosis on Syd's tongue Eddie removes Syd's limbs and chucks him into a vat of Tipp-Ex Eddie hands Syd over to a cannibalistic cult for a fiver Eddie begins to give Syd a Glasgow smile but doesn't stop ever Eddie forces Michael Gambon at gunpoint to eat Syd's burnt cock Eddie forcibly addicts Syd to skag Eddie dive-bombs Syd from a Junkers Ju 52 Eddie pops his bum-grapes right into Syd's coffee Eddie hog-ties Syd between two shire horses and starts yelling Syd discovers that Eddie has replaced his rash cream with H2SO4 Eddie sews concealed razor blades into Syd's favourite love-seat Eddie films Syd wanking over Mr Hands, calls the tabloids Syd does Simon Templar stunt, but Eddie has cut the brake cables Eddie compares Syd unfavourably to Bobby Davro and laughs and laughs Eddie wipes after a post-hangover shit using Syd's Sunday best Syd eats his shit with broken glass before Eddie forces him to Eddie gets Gary Gizmo to punch Syd in the gut Eddie splices Syd's genes with that of sea-cucumber