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Re: Universally shit things in games
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Borderlands and Borderlands 2 is superb for this. See everything, and even if you respec wrong you can reset your skill points for a very small in game price.

Aye, Blands seems to cover it pretty well. I'm not sure I'd want a respec all mechanic in every game though, it could be abused pretty badly I feel.

oh, and lastly, eight or nine company logos, each on a seperate screen, followed by "Checking Downloadable Content".

Quite a few iOS games these days have a system where you download the game and then immediately on first run it wants to download a load more data. Really bugs me, as I quite often download games at work over wifi and don't try them until I'm on the bus.


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Re: Universally shit things in games
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- When Cross/A isn't the "confirm" button

- When Circle/B isn't the "back" button

I get why this is, in Japanese games, but it's alway such a fucker.

I've got a bit of an irritation around this. Recent consoles allow the developers to use the confirm button or the cancel button, so the console itself determines what they mean based on the user's locale. However, what they don't do is re-design the user interface to change the display based on that. I've played a few Japanese games were they screen prompts you to press the O button, but what it acutally wants you to press is the X button, purely because I've my console set to the Queen's English. And developers aren't consistent about it either. The PS3 definitely does it, I think the PSP and Vita might as well.


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Re: Universally shit things in games
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Underwater levels where everything is slow and you need to keep going up for air. Fucking shit.