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Having been given my mate's old record collection (400ish LPs and singles) AND I bought another mate's collection of mostly EDM 12"s (200-ish) in July, I've had to put the brakes on buying records recently.

However, I did recently find a shop basement in my town filled with thousands of 7"s and hundreds of LPs/12"s, and picked up a whole bunch of nice bits (7" singles were seven for a fiver, I got 25 for twelve quid) including R.E.M, Tori Amos, Grace Jones Steve Winwood's Valerie which is a banger, some nice disco 12s etc). but the most intriguing finds in said basement were Strictly Personal by Captain Beefheart (I *never* find cheap Beefheart records and it was only three quid) and, intriguingly, the Monsieur Gainsbourg tribute album that was released in 2006 during the vinyl wilderness years, for only a tenner (Discogs has it for £25).

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Re: Recent Vinyl Finds
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Vinyl digging in Dundee I found this, there is scratched and then there is TRASHED

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Re: Recent Vinyl Finds
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I've had a busy week of driving and digging, with a trip up north to Arbroath & Dundee (where I will be moving to in the new year) as well as a local car boot sale down south.
I didn't buy anything in the shops as there was an awful lot of local music for local people. There were much better things turning up at my local car boot, I was just lucky to get
into a few boxes first as there is a lot of competition for vinyl. I started by tramping the streets of Arbroath on a grey and drizzly morning.

The local football ground/amusements.

There is a pretty harbour & lobster pot mountain.

I found one 2nd hand shop selling all manner of stuff but the vinyl looked very well thumbed, not a good sign.

The prices ranged from the ridiculous to the naah yer alright.

To grade the record "fair" would be over-grading it despite a VG sleeve.

A surprise to find this lurking among the Jim Reeves but parts of the sleeve were missing and the condition was VG/VG at best so I left it as it was priced a round £100.

The charity shops were awash with records featuring bagpipes

The tills of Arbroath never saw my paper and iron, I even skipped the chance of a smokie (smoked haddock snack)

To rub salt in the wound that a move up north may not yield good vinyl I went to the mid-week car boot upon my return home and turned up all manner of delights
including a stash of weirdy albums at £3 a pop. I've never heard or seen any of them in the wild before so was happy again after my Scottish disappointment.

I also found a stash of odd singles, this one being the pick of the bunch

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