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Various bits and pieces of information about the forthcoming show supposedly entitled "Box Of Slice" are leaking out here and there, and for once - amazingly - most of them sound as though they might have some sort of grounding in reality. It seems as though the series is indeed loosely based around the Nathan Barley character from TV Go Home, as has been rumoured for several millenia, and will take the form of a parody of the Hoxton-based media 'scene' and its current stranglehold over the broadcast world. Open auditions were recently held for extras (to play roles that "normal actors wouldn't touch with a bargepole") who were asked to turn up in 'trendy gear' and to participate in improvised Vox Pop interviews on such subjects as thinking George Bush is Satan and that Michael Moore should be elected in his place. See this thread for further details of the audition mailshot that was sent out to casting agencies and drama schools.

It is known that Chris Morris is directing the series (which reportedly consists of six episodes, although there is also believed to be a pilot show that didn't quite 'work' in the can), which is being shot in authentic locations in and around Hoxton/Shoreditch, but whether or not he will actually be performing in it is unclear. Julian Barratt, of Mighty Boosh and The Pod infamy, plays Nathan Barley's best friend Dan, and - according to the girls from Comedy Lounge - "in one scene, Dan is walking down the street with paint, dirt, fag ends and a general mess over his hair and clothes. Nathan stops Dan in the street, much to Dan's annoyance, who does his best to get away from Nathan. Nathan then believes that Dan's mess is a new look and gets his hair cut with the same type of mess that Dan was sporting". Other performers rumoured to be involved include such household names as Marysia, Nina Sosanya, Talisa Garcia, James Rawlings, Ben Wishaw, Peter Sullivan, Daniel Cohen, Zac Nicholson, Richard Dwyer, Jennifer Evans, Nickie Sault and some geezer called Kevin Eldon, along with some video artists recruited from the Cramlington Academy Of Arts.

Various anonymous insiders have also shown up in various places, repeating the usual "I can't tell you anything about it, but take it from me it's very, very funny indeed" schtick, which may or may not be a reliable yardstick. The idea that the show is set to infuriate The Daily Mail is being widely repeated too. Maybe it will. Or maybe - just maybe - they'll do what they did with "jam" and make it their Show Of The Week.

Ah well, onwards and upwards. The big new this update is that, thanks to ApexJazz, we now have an unbelievably rare Peter Cook and Dudley Moore clip added to the influences page. Found in the middle of a National Lampoon radio show from the early 1970s, this appears to feature a rough, rudimentary version of Derek and Clive, and presumably originates from the much-mentioned but seldom described early private recording sessions that the more familiar sketches developed from. If anyone can shed any more light on the clip's origins, we'd love to hear from you. If that wasn't enough Cook and Moore for one update, there are also a load of television interview clips recently added to the same page courtesy of Bert Thung, including great appearances on "The Last Resort" and "The Tube". Also, series one of Blue Jam is finally available for download again, so you can once more immerse yourself in Baby Fighting, the LWT Complainer and The Allesi Brothers. Thanks to Mark Williams and Jon Lawrence for that.

Finally, if you frequently find yourself away from your PC but can't bear to wait to catch up with the latest ramblings by Rats, Almost Yearly, Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry and Hoogenstraten's Smiling Ulcer, you could always sign up to our brand spanking new RSS Feed and follow the latest kickoffs about Bo Selecta and the legal system by phone. This thread has full instructions for how to set it up. Erm, dude.

Ooh, thanks - that Cook&Moore sketch is quite a find. I hope someone can shed some more light on its origins.

<whining bastard>No music shows then?</whining bastard>

Fantastic, Blue Jam's back on the server! I reckon one of these a week should keep my ISP happy.

So far we have the following list of character names:

Nathan Barley
Girl ('Email - The Musical' poster)
Restaurant Manager
Pretty Girl
Nick the Greek

No reason, just thought it useful to see them together as a list.

I hope 'Email - The Musical' involves some whimsical comedy songs...

Yeah, I remember that Doon said on Bakers show that she was auditioning for some singing parts last year.  OH actually I don't think I got round to ripping that interview from the CD Bent Halo sent me, I'll dig that out later tonight.

I don't know if you're aware of these Neil, but having listened to episode 101 of Blue Jam I've noticed there are a couple of bits missing, the first being in Bjork - Isobel and the second bits being in Massive Attack - Be Thankful For What You Got. Is this a problem with my computer or the MP3? Either way, I can probably insert the missing clips in there, I've got the two full tracks somewhere.

Yes there were little skips in bass2rez's original mp3s, unfortunately.  There's one in the outro for instance which takes a little bit of Morris speech (although you can barely notice it unless you're listening for it.)  I'll have to patch it up when I get a chance.


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I take it Charlie Brooker's writing it, and if so is he going to base the episode on the originals from the TVGH book. me hopes so.